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From an email going around:

Q: What’s the difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

A: Bush knew how to get out of Vietnam.

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  1. Bush Joke

    Q: What’s the difference between Iraq and Vietnam? A: Bush knew how to get out of Vietnam. Thanks to Joho the Blog: Harsh!!…

  2. I love this joke!

    Now that I have your attention, a question to which I don’t have a quick answer: What is the appropriate tag/tagset for a check-in page for survivors of/refugees from Katrina?

  3. It all depends. Assuming it’s a page where people can check on the well-being of loved ones, you might want to go with old-fashioned fill-in-the-blank fields for people registering there: First name, last name, town, county, state, zip, area code. That way people can quickly check someone’s status.

    If the site is going to be used for more than that, then you will probably want some more fielded data. If there are going to be free tags, then let ’em be free, although if there are conventions that will help, you might want to suggest them (e.g., “Put phrases between quotes,” or whatever).

    But I’m just guessing because I don’t know what the site will be used for. I hope the guesses help a little.

  4. Thanks, David, for the quick thoughts!

    What I’m wondering is this: There are a variety of such check-in pages out there. What I’d like to know is how to tag the pages themselves so that they can be found for aggregation. (Tagging the data within them is also interesting, but part of the aggregation process and a problem to defer–the primary fields of interest have a limited set of plausible names.)

  5. Related info… Andy Carvin has set up a Katrina Aftermath mobcast at

    He’s suggesting a tag of hurricanekatrina for Flickr photos and information collation on such as

  6. Hi,
    Im AMIN, from IRAN. I was searching the web that found your nice blog.
    We have a bad leader, and you have too. But, the difference between us is that:
    You can select another leader in next 4-year(although, you didn’t it!), but we van’t select another leader! Our leader, is our leader till he is alive!!!
    Are you write Political posts in your blog only??
    Be successful. Bye

  7. Amin, I wish we had elected a different leader. Many of us worked hard to defeat Bush, but we lost. Next time, I hope we’ll do better.

    No, I don’t only write about politics. I write about whatever is interesting to me, which includes technology, taxonomy, occasional gossip, jokes, puzzles…

    Here’s wishing the best for both of our countries.

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