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I spent a few minutes on the phone today with Ofer Ben-Schachar of RawSugar. You can think of RawSugar as a searchable with automagic, hierarchical clustering. (Users can also manually create hierarchical tag sets.) So, instead of seeing a long list of links on the left and a long list of tags on the right, at RawSugar you see a list of links on the bottom and your top-level tag categories on the top. The higher level tags are automatically propagated to the lower level ones. So far there is no way for users to publish their tag sets so others can use them.

Ofer wouldn’t tell me much about the magical clustering (not enough time on his side, not enough brain cells on mine), beyond that RawSugar infers relationships among mulitple tags an individual gives to a single object and among multiple tags multiple people give to the same object.

Ofer pointed to using RawSugar to create annotated link lists such as this one.

The site is new and only has a few thousand users and about 15,000 links. It looks very usable. Now we’ll just have to see if it reaches the critical masses… [Tags: ]

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  1. It doesn’t look like they do any sort of magical clustering. from their own blog: “I spent about 20 minutes adding some top level tags (for example, Entertainment, Programming and Software) and moving the existing tags into these groups.”

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