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How can Quicken still suck?

Quicken has been around since 1775. It is in version #2,356. How can it still have stupid, irritating, data-swallowing bugs in it?

Using the latest version, I have in the past ten minutes hit three bugs.

1. Write a check to an online payee for whom you use the curly braces to embed a hint that’s invisible to the recipient. E.g., You might have an account such as “Cingular {The mother-effing home account}.” Press “Record Check” because you’re done. Quicken pops up a reminder that the stuff in curly braces won’t appear on the check. I’ve been getting that message for 176 years, which is fine. The problem is that after you click on the message’s OK button, every time it gives you the same message again. Now that‘s annoying.

2. Start to fill in a check. Choose one of the memorized transactions. It fills in the name. Have a moment of doubt about the name. So, go to the list of online accounts and check out the name. It’s fine. Go back to the check-writing window. You get a dialog box that says “You have changed the last transaction you were viewing. Save it now?” Yes, no, or cancel. Since you want to fill it in, you don’t want to save it yet. You also don’t want to not save it. You want to cancel the dialogue box. Press Cancel. You get the same dialog again. The Cancel button is a no-op.

3. This is the REALLY annoying one, but I’m not sure I remember the exact sequence. It goes something like this: Fill in a check’s name and click on Split so you can enter multiple entries because you’re trying to pay off a credit card. (Oops, make sure you fill in an amount first or else it won’t let you get to the Split window, even though you may want to fill in the entries and have Quicken figure out the amount. Oh well.) Spend ten minutes filling in the entries. (Be sure to consolidate some of the entries because after 4,000 years of existence, Quicken still arbitrarily limits splits to 30 entries.) It’s a pain in the neck but the tax folks need to know the breakdown. Press the “Adjust” button so that the amount of the check equals the sum of the entries. Perfect! Now you’re back at the check writing window. Type your account info into the memo area of the check. Click “Record Check.” You get a dialog box telling you that the check’s total does not match the sum of the entries even though you are 100% certain that you pressed the “Adjust” button. Click on “Split” so you can re-press the Adjust button. Quicken has now replaced all the entries with the entries from the previous check you wrote to that account.

4. Say aaaaaarrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

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34 Responses to “How can Quicken still suck?”

  1. My guess is that Quicken sucks for the same reason QuarkXPress sucked so badly for so long: lack of serious competition. Look at them scramble now that Adobe InDesign is eating their lunch, though! Suddenly they, you know, care about what their app is really like to use. Does Quicken have a competitor like that? I’m really not sure.

  2. Answer to last comment: Microsoft Money.

    I went through similar pain when I was forced by Quicken to upgrade to the 2004 version because they stopped supporting certain financial institutions for online update.

    I checked the comments and ratings on Take a look if you want to hear about TONS of additional bugs. For example, Quicken 2005 Basic gets an average of 2 stars out of 5.

  3. I’ll see the bugs you reported and raise you a couple. My own personal favorite: I write a check on January 12th for $217. Let’s say it’s check number 6432. I dutifully record it in my check register and move on. Now, for some reason, the organization to which I wrote the check doesn’t get around to cashing it until August. In August I download a transaction from the bank and there’s a transaction for $217, check number 6432. Quicken will NOT automatically match this check with the one in the register. Go figure. And since I have no memory of the check (after all, that’s why I use Quicken) I of course go to enter it again, whereupon the program gently rebukes me with “Duplicate check number. Are you sure?” Well, if you’re so smart that you can tell this is a duplicate check, how come you can’t figure out that it matches???

  4. #3.set up credit card account

    Make check payable to the credit account
    when statement comes in enter debits to cc account
    Reconcile and you are good to go
    this is for quickbooks 2000 should work in quicken though.

    Quicken still sucks because of recurring remmitting featuritus. The new version alleged has specific industry versions, sort of like Works Word, Office Word, in it’s various flavors

    Using it for business really sucks if you use it for payroll and forget to send in your protection money. Doesn’t break your legs, but does forget any transactions or contributions or deductions that you set up from payroll checks.

    Quicken is the last product I need that is windows. Once the open open source community gets a program with the same features, hello linux, goodbye Microsoft for me personally.

  5. Head Lemur…

    May I introduce you to… GNUCash.

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    Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine. who wrote the original The Long Tail acticle, has…

  7. Quicken sucks because people are willing to pay money for it despite the fact that it sucks. But don’t ask me why that is.

    I used to work for a publisher that used Exact bookkeeping software. That tool had the feature of regularly crashing, and the unique capability to take down every PC on its subnet when it crashed. You can imagine how happy we were.

    Did we have a choice? All the bookkeepers we asked to do our bookkeeping mandated the use of Exact. The gods of stakeholdership and small provincial towns work in mysterious ways.

    As for GNU Cash, it doesn’t work on a real desktop operating system. Yes, that is inflammatory language, but it is the exact inflammatory language Rick was trolling for, and I am in a giving mood today.

  8. Quicken sucks beyond belief. It makes no sense, has no relevance to simple accounting issues (unless of course you invented the software). It is the least intuitive program I have every experienced. Take a couple basic checking accounts, a savings account a business account… want to know how they all fair as checks are written? EEEEEEEEE!!! Sorry, something that f’ing obvious was not obvious to the makers of this useless program.

    Have a question? EEEEEEEEE!!! Got to pay for an answer from someone who barely understands English.

    I’m going to create an easy to understand, user friendly template for simple accounting based on Excell and make millions. It will be for all those out there who just want to know what they’ve got in the bank after the end of the bill paying day.

  9. What a pile of garbage! Tried the new 2006 version of a friends and it STILL cannot do basic importing of data from Brokerage accounts. This thing suuuuuuuuuuucks!

  10. I tried upgrading to Quicken Basic 2006 from Quicken 98. Quicken 2006 seemed to think my file was password protected and refused to let me in (though in fact I have never entered a password to access the file). The installation of Quicken 2006 uninstalled Quicken 98, so I went to another machine and re-installed 98 to confirm I could still read my data, which I could. Quicken support were no help at all, making me do useless things. I finally got it to work by adding a password using Quicken 98.

    Then I really got a surprise. Quicken 2006 told me the total value of my accounts was around $23,000,000! I guess I will just stick with Quicken 98. At least I know the workarounds in that version.

  11. You may, or may not, be surprised to learn that Quicken still sucks. It actually choked when I tried adding my financial information and the Quicken customer support was absolutely useless.

  12. I am planning to move to MS Money when MS releases Money 2007 (Since I cant convert Quicken 2006 to Money 2006. Quicken Sux..not to detail them, but many reasons..

  13. The CD received in the mail (9/2006) allows an upgrade for Quicken 2007 and it appears that it’s going to be free! WOW!
    But nooooooooooooo. The CD leads you to the Intuit web site where they quickly reach into your pocket for over $80, including state tax, which presumably they are paying. Then you get an unlock code. That doesn’t work and in order to resolve this problem Intuit wants you to cough up another ten bucks! What a f***ing company! Customer “Service” is non-existent and, as another guy wrote here, they will continue this way until there is competition.
    is MS Money good enough yet?

  14. I just bought Q 2007 Premier Home & Business. You’d think that with a name l;ike that, you would be able to import your Q2006 accounts (check, credit, cash, etc) from your “personal” file and then import into the same Q2007 file all the accounts in your separate “business” file (checking, bus credit card, etc.)
    This is a natural, so that one can record a check transfer from say, the business checking acct to the to personal checking account. but Noooo, after spending 40 minutes with their apology for a customer service guy (Rawenda Patik or something like that), I am finally told they can’t do that but it would be a good idea for me to suggest it to the “feedback” Quicken folks!!
    Please, somebody compete with them.

  15. Bad news for anyone planning on switching from one to another in order to get a decent program.

    They both are garbage. Just bought Money 2006 to get the heck away from Quicken – Among other things it won’t let me remove old transactions except by manually one at a time!! So I installed M2006 expecting to return to a better experience I left back in 1999/2000 ish, and lo! Money 2006 is garbage too! The user interface is build for people with poor habits! Entering a transaction in my checkbook to mirror a manual check or to pay a bill should not require me to change views to some crap call “adjustments” or click a menu item!! Do these people know what an adjustment is!?!?!

    What are these two pieces of software such garbage?!?

  16. Seriously….how can there be no decent app in this area? This is downright embarrassing. It’s like Google has to make every piece of software on the planet before people wake up.

  17. Sadly, I too own Quicken 2007 Home & Business and have gone beyond the 60-day refund period. It has popups asking to upgrade to the latest release version. When I click OK, it churns a bit before returning an error message called “Patch Engine Error.” Not fatal, if you know how to trick their FTP site. The other daily errors are CC-501 and CC-899, indicating the Quicken servers are down and unable to update your account balances. It also doesn’t play well with Washington Mutual bank, or play at all with Sallie Mae or Student Loan Finance Corporation. You’re better off with a pad and pencil than with this not-ready-for-prime-time beta.

  18. It is amazing to me how Quicken (Premier H&B) can get away with dropping support for anyone who has version 2004 or earlier. I just received notice that Quicken will no longer support on-line services as of April 30th. This means if you are using Quicken to download credit card statements and pay your bills (never mind the useless on-line help) you are simply sh– out of luck. You MUST upgrade to a later version…$80 thank you very much. This is an outrage.

  19. Quicken sucks because it limits the number of transaction entries in a credit card split to 30. If you have business and use your credit card more than checks, because it is easier to track, you are screwed. There must be a better system.

  20. I think that dropping support for companies that have 2004 or older version is not an attitude of a real company. How can a company cut the support it offers for the very own supporters?

    I have always felt a sense of deficiency with Quicken for Mac OS X, but today when I installed Quicken Premier 2006 on my Windows XP machine at work, I knew exactly how big of a deficiency I was dealing with on the Mac. It’s a HUGE difference! On the Windows version the UI is smooth like polished glass and the features are abundant. The Mac version is a totally different story.

  21. Good passwords are a combo of mixed case letters, numbers and special symbols. But don’t try to store a good password in the Quicken pin vault – it will not accept special symbols. Go back to your online account and replace your good password with a weak one. Now you can go into Quicken and store the week password in the pin vault

  22. It’s good to know that there are people in this world down on Quicken more than I am! I have been using it since 1998 and recently upgraded my 2004 to 2007. (Quicken “conveniently” forced me to change with this garbage about certain financial institutions no longer being able to download using 2004) Every other day I discover that entries I have made disappear! I sometimes enter the same entry 3-4 times over a week long period before it saves into permanent memory. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mutual fund entry, credit card purchase or a bank deposit. I back up my work EVERYTIME I finish and it still drops my entries. I’m going crazy over here! Please let us know when someone other than Inuit or Microsoft come up with decent personal finance software!

  23. It seems that the slimy folks running Intuit have found they can make money by selling a junky product, then charge users for “support” when the application doesn’t work correctly.

    Perhaps we can all get a slimy attorney to file a class action lawsuit on our behalf to get this slimy company to straighten up. Intuit will only change when their bottom line is affected (like so much of the corporate world). Right now, they are raking in cash, so they don’t have much incentive to give a thought to their customers.

    In fact, how have they survived for so long without being sued out of existence?

  24. How can you re-print reconciliation reports on Quicken XG 2006 – I have tried everything and am stuck. Also I don’t know why the reconciliation report prints out all the advance payments that are pre-posted when all i want is for the report to reflect the transactions of the month being specifically reconciled. Please help. I’m about to give up on this program

  25. How can you re-print reconciliation reports on Quicken XG 2006 – I have tried everything and am stuck. Also I don’t know why the reconciliation report prints out all the advance payments that are pre-posted when all i want is for the report to reflect the transactions of the month being specifically reconciled. Please help. I’m about to give up on this program

  26. Quicken 2007 also has a very bad FLICKERING problem. The forums say just turn down your video card performance until is stops. Well. I turned all acelleration off and still does it. Plus, computer slower now on screen draws etc.


  27. Does anyone know how to get Quicken to amortize future mortgage loan payments correctly? It displays the right breakdown of P&I in the reports, but when actually creating the mortgage loan payment itself, my principal amount is always lower and the interest part is always higher than they should be. My setup information is correct, I’ve triple-checked it.

  28. I had to get check numbers that are the same as ones I had before. Quicken 2006 prompts me that I’m using a duplicate check number after I post every single check. Can I turn off that message??

  29. I have the Quickbooks 2009…had to call customer service to get the software registered…was on the call for 1 hour and 31 minutes…over an hour on hold because I refuse to give a credit card number for the so called service plan…I asked the non English speaking rep to transfer me to a supervisor…she refused…out right refused…thank god there are other programs out there that do what Quickbooks does…you are completely correct….Intuit SUCKS…

  30. To turn off the duplicate check number warning in 2008 go to Edit\Preferences\Quicken Program\Notify and uncheck the box. I imagine 2006 to be the same.

  31. QB sucks because it is just another Intuit product designed to suck money. So, with respect ot suck, they have to be in the top 3.

  32. Sorry, had the wrong email, But I enjoy saying how much I hate them a second time. I hate intuit, they suck.

  33. SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR is the message that appears when I try to open Quicken after updating to Q2016 and downloading the bug fixer from the WEB site. My 2014 worked just fine. I left a message on what I thought was the Intuit WEB site and a guy (Mark) called me back in about an hour and, after interrogating my PC (Win7) he told me he’d fix it for $100. What’s up with that? Intuit screws up me computer and then wants $100 to fix it? Did Intuit move to Romania or what? I found out only days later that the Intuit window was actually a ransom virus called Sidestepping.exe

    Mark’s phone # = 1-888-981-6632
    E-mail address = [email protected]

    I went to these two WEB sites below but they were no help at all.

    Finally, I got on the Quicken volunteer chat line. Those volunteers are worth every penny they are paid. What a collection in rude, surely creeps. The first day on the chat line, the chat site was not working properly so 90% of my messages never went though. Those that did were confusing the issue since I was making reference to a message that were never sent.

    Finally, one guy who was more anal-retentive than the rest told me I was sending conflicting information and that I needed to make up my mind. I told him that there is no need to be rude. This virus came from the Intuit WEB site. It was the only WEB site I was on that day. I am happy to send a copy of my browser history to confirm what I have written. Yesterday I tried to give the step by step scenario but most of what I typed never want through. I had been unable to respond most of yesterday afternoon. Almost every time I typed a message and clicked ‘send’ the message disappeared and was never sent. Therefor, I unintentionally confused the issue because only bits and pieces of what I was writing was getting through. Henceforth, I will type into Notepad and copy and paste until it all goes through.

    As instructed, I checked the SSL settings in IE. In Seamonkey, there is no SSL option that I can see. TSL1.0 and TSL1.1 are checked while TSL1.2 is not.

    Here is what transpired. I used 2016 for about a week without incident. However, each time I opened it there was a nag window advising that I should ‘click here’ for a bug fix. I ignored it. On Wednesday of this week I went to download data from my bank for the first time since installing 2016 and I was denied access so then I clicked that ‘click here’ window. Nothing seemed to happen. I tried the bank again with no luck. I closed out Quicken and restarted. The ‘click here’ window was gone but a new one advised me to download the Q2016 MONDO patch. That was the first time I had seen THAT window. I downloaded the patch and restarted Quicken. I was immediately brought to the Intuit WEB and instructed to change my password which I did. When tried to log in I received the SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR: message.

    I reset Control Panel>Internet Options Privacy, Security and Advanced tabs to their defaults and I QCleanui.exe for clean install. No change. I rebooted in save/network mode, still no change. I asked , ”What if I uninstall Q2016 and reinstall Q2013?” No response.

    Four hours and no further response. So far Intuit has been a major disappointment to me. I never should have purchased and installed Q2016. Q2013 & 4 were working just fine without a hitch. The virus came from the Intuit WEB site and the message function of the Intuit WEB site was malfunctioning that day (5/05/2016) so the Quicken help person got only bits and pieces of what I was trying explain. Therefore, the person trying to help maybe thought I was goofing around I guess and he (or she) got very rude with me. Not only was I a victim of an Intuit spawned virus but I was also a victim of an improperly managed WEB site and now I’ve been abandoned and cut adrift to fend for myself. It must be nice to be the only game in town. I’m glad I found an ‘Intuit sucks’ blog.

    Finally I got a response telling me that this is the first time a virus was mentioned. Well, yeah, it is the first mention of a virus that I was able to send it out because of the malfunction of the Intuit message site that I was using on Wednesday. It is not the first time I’ve ATTEMPTED to mention a virus and it is a crafty virus indeed. It is blocking me from every attempt so far to load and execute AVG. In safe/network mode I can download the AVG.exe from their WEB site but that will not execute in safe mode. It will execute in regular mode and load the AVG program but implementation gets hung after a few seconds and will go no further.

    I begged them to provide a link to a WEB site that will scan my PC and maybe tell me what’s going on and how to fix it short of reformatting my HD and reinstalling Win7. I am not able to pay my bills until this is resolved.

    The answer from Intiut:

    Neither one would work because the virus blocked them both.

    Finally, I accidentally found suggested by Within ten minutes I was back and functioning. What a relief and no thanks at all to Intujit. It is unlikely I will ever update my Quicken again and I’m hoping to find an open source alternative.

  34. I’ve been using the Quicken 2013 version the past few years. Yesterday I could no longer import data from my bank. Turns out they cripple that function after three years. What a slimy thing to do. I will download CVS data into Excel before I buy another Quicken product. I also use H&R Block tax software instead of Turbo Tax.

    What a company!

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