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Logan Airport – Crappy on purpose when it comes to wifi

Logan Airport has forced the American Airlines lounge to turn off its over-priced T-Mobile wirelessness so the Airport can sell its own overpriced wirelessness without competition.

Sucks big time.

And while I’m on the topic of Logan sucking: The re-done Terminal A opened a few months ago. It cost tons of money and it shows. Yet travelers still have to hunt out the rare power outlets. Didn’t Logan ask a single traveler what we want in a terminal? We would not have said overpriced, single-sourced wifi and no power outlets. Jeez!

And while I’m on the topic of T-Mobile sucking: AA has a nice promotion to give one day of free ethernet-cabled connectivity from T-M. Thank you. But to take advantage of this, you have to proceed through screen after screen, filling in your personal details, creating an account, creating both a password and an access code, specifying a security question… Note to T-Mobile: If Logan would get out of the way, then we could maybe get some competitive wifi in here that understands that we just want to turn on our computeres and connect, not fill out mortgage applications. Jeez!


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  1. “Aaarrrrggghhh.”

    david, i see you realize that this past monday was national talk like a pirate day.

  2. By contrast, Palm Beach International in Florida, where I was a month ago for the first time, is about the most business-traveler-friendly airport anywhere. Cubicles with desks and multiple outlets scattered throughout the terminal, and free wifi everywhere in the airport.


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