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Public Radio Program Directors

I’m in St. Louis for the annual PRPD meeting. Jeff Jarvis, Jennifer Ferro (KCRW) and I are on a panel in 45 minutes on “Technology, Culture and Public Radio.” For me, the interesting question is: Given that the Net is disaggregating radio stations and networks — the content chunks are being ripped out of their play schedules, the listeners are now producers — how should public radio stations respond? They won’t and shouldn’t just fold up shop. What will the transition period look like?

I think I also want to talk about trust, which public radio stations take as their main asset. Maybe trust is going to move from something listeners give to stations to what grows among connections among listeners. It seems to be a lesson of the Net that you build trust with your users/readers/listeners by getting out of their way. I only wish I knew what I was talking about.

Anyway, this morning I got to hang out with Jake Shapiro of PRX and then had a three-hour conversation with Jeff Jarvis (which at Jarvis speeds equates to 4.5 hours with anyone else) in which we settled all issues, solved all problems, bought a house, raised a family, and then split up because we couldn’t agree on how to respond to terrorism.

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  1. Too bad there aren’t any webloggers in St. Louis. You could have seen something of the city other than Logan and someone’s SSID.

    Oh. Wait…

  2. Sorry, meant Lambert.

  3. Trust and NPR… let me share that yesterday I heard a caller-inner on our local NPR station responding to a “guest” whose expertise was in the area of wholesale petroleum pricing and OPEC. The caller-inner prefaced his remarks with, “I recently heard on NPR that…” and went on in a vein more Limbaugh-esque than Cory Flintoff-al. It was then I realized that the currency of public radio is already debased. In an effort to provide “balanced” coverage, the network has permitted disinformational buffonery to corrupt and dilute a brand that used to have progressive cachet. Score one for the vast right wing conspiracy.

  4. Shelley, I came in late and left right after the panel in order to catch a direct flight home. Next time!

    Besides, everyone knows there’s nothing in St. Louis except an airport and some wifi hot spots. Oh, and that arch thingie :)

  5. Well, I’m guessing by the timestamps that you missed your flight or it’s delayed like mine. We could have continued the conversation over bad airport Bud.

  6. Did you have a chance to talk to anyone from All Songs Considered about the licensing terms they encountered in putting together their podcasts?

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