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Our Internet

When it’s not too dorky or disruptive, I like to use the phrase “our Internet” instead of “the Internet,” because I think it makes the right political point. Unfortunately, it’s almost always dorky and disruptive.

10 Responses to “Our Internet”

  1. Heehee, that sounds amazingly dorky.

  2. how about “our internets”; mitigate the dorkdom by poking fun at GWB.

  3. Wouldn’t a politician say “your Internet”? Or “my Internet”? If you say “my” and then “your”, then you get to say “our”.

  4. As in: “Are you gonna let them take away your Internet? I’m not letting them take away my Internet. It’s our Internet!”

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  8. We communicate through the net with what? A common language! So we find a lot things in common among ourselves. But that won’t change is the color of our skin, our nationality. Contradictory, isn’t it?

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