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Arthroscopic knee surgery

Our 14-year-old son has come through his arthroscopic knee surgery well. The surgeon was very pleased. (She’s also amazingly kind.) Our son’s problem was bilateral osteochondral media femoral condyles, or at least that’s what I copied out of his case file. Possible that was the solution, not the problem. Possibly it’s the new type of martini sweeping the medical bars. In any case, they drilled holes in his bone to stimulate the flow of blood in order to take care of the bilateral osteochondral lesions (or, in lay terms, “chilled with a twist of lemon”).

He’ll be on crutches for six weeks, and then six weeks after that he goes in to have the other knee done. If it works, he’ll be able to dance again in 6 months; the doctors had forced him to stop doing almost all athletics — he was taking 5 dance classes a week — for the past year.

By the way, if you click on the photo, you’ll see a more detailed view. See if you can spot what his problem was!

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  1. Clearly evident, (though perhaps not self-evident) in the 5th & 6th phases of your son’s knee-moons, is the major problem.

    there is a foregin object, perhaps a probe, which will no doubt hinder him in his later years by setting off metal detectors.

    i wish him a speed recovery.

  2. I have just had arthroscopic knee surgery a week ago fri. I was wondering how long it will continue to swell during the day. And also how long before i can walk without a limp. I am an average 37yr old, with semi-active status.

  3. Roger, I’m sure it depends on what your exact surgery was, the shape your knee was in, etc.. But our son was on crutches for three months. He was icing his knee for months. Once he was done, he was totally limp free. Your mileage almost certainly will vary.

  4. I had arthropic i was on crutches one week i am to have surgery on the same knee

  5. I am having arthroscopic surgery for 4 mediscus tears on the inside portion of my knee. What is the recovery like? Pain? How long until I can walk fairly normally? Anybody that has comments please email me. Thanks alot

  6. he has a little buggy in his knee =)

  7. I had knee surgery almost 2 months ago. I can honestly say, I am very hard headed. After I woke up the 2nd time, I immeadiatly got out of bed and started walking on it. I think it was the drugs. I continued to walk on it and move my room around that evening. I started taking my meds immeadiatly. I even set my alarm to go off just so I could take the meds at the scheduled time. Doing that, I kept the pain to a min because I didn’t let it get to the point where it started to hurt. I propped my leg up and even slept that way with ice to keep the swelling down. I was determined not to be a “gimp” for long so I started walking on it the next day. I pushed myself everyday. I think I pushed a little too fast though. Short trips to the kitchen or bathroom. After the required 5 days, I took my wrap off and was SCARED!! I couldn’t really bend it and I was afraid because I didnt have the support of the wrap. I kept walking on it and taking my meds. If I left the house, I used my crutches. I started physical therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks and it really helped!!! I think by my 3rd week, I had stopped limping and I had a better range of motion. Present day: I have completed PT. I still have some pain and I still can’t completely extend it straight without pain or a feeling of tightness. A week ago, I had to get a cortizone (sp) shot IN my knee to help with the pain. So far, the shot hasn’t helped. I still can’t dance nor can I do any type of exercises. *shrug* I hope it gets better soon. I also hope my personal experience helps readers.

  8. well theres a roach in his knee….
    thats a problem of its self.

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  10. Hi
    I was playing volleybol and somehow maneged to torn cartilage from tibia and meniscus. They operated on my knee almos a month ago. Im stiill in PT rehab. i am working to bend the knee, I can bend to 100 degrees but have to keep working. THey advised not to walk only crutches but I can stand on it and sit straight. It hurts sometimes, specially when its cold. You can write and we can discuss :)

  11. Good Morning!
    I myself just underwent another knee surgery 12/15/2009,it’s tough,I’ve been in bed or the chair ,trying to move around a little with a walker so I can fix some cereal or soup to eat. for the past 15 day’s, my ins. bought my crutches 15 day’s later,I had to pay bill’s yesterday and needed a little groceries,so I used the shopping cart in place of the walker,(physical therapy).Should have stitches and staples removed 1/20/2010. Today, after using the crutches my body hurts so bad,especially after we got the cold front in last night. Just be careful.I used to play a lot of sports as a child, my first knee injury.

  12. Heal well, Pat.

  13. I underwent surgery last Friday and was determined to get back on my feet as soon as possible. 96 hours later it is swollen and am using Advil to try to keep swelling down. I walk to the restroom now without the cane but nights are horrible. I wrap my leg and knee to keep the swelling under control. My range of motion is now about 75 degrees. Hopefuly by next week I will go back to work.

  14. had arthroscopic knee surgery 5 months ago, what should i do to get better?

  15. Baba, seriously, you should ask your doctor that question.

  16. HI I had my Arthroscopic knee surgery in March of 2008. As of today the back of my knee still tightens up and my knee hurts. Does anybody have any idea as to why this is happening? i am 40 years old and i want to start jogging again. I am just wondering if I should or not. After the surgery, I was able to put my weight on it. i went to rehab was doing pretty good. Help

  17. Ruben, please ask your doctor about this, not random strangers on the Web.

  18. can it could be the purpose in the Irish there.,

  19. I fell on my kneecap 3 1/2 mos. ago- x-rays & MRI didn’t show structural damage, just inflammation and a baker’s cyst. Pain was unmanageable, so I did seven weeks of PT, then after 3 more weeks I went to the pain clinic, where they doubled my neurontin (I have RSD in the other ankle) plus gave me a TENS unit. That allowed me to be functional, but then pain was ridiculous. Just saw my orthopedic doc- he gave me a cortisone shot (magic! Feels good most of the time, though some actions still cause sharp pain). He recommends arthroscopic surgery to see what is causing the on-going inflammation & pain. I just want this over with!

  20. Knee arthroscopy allows an orthopaedic surgeon to diagnose and treat knee injuries by viewing ” the inside of the knee” through small incisions using a pencil-sized instrument called an arthroscope.
    Knee arthroscopy is a surgical technique that can diagnose and treat problems in the knee joint. … Arthroscopy diagnoses several knee problems, such as a torn meniscus or a misaligned patella (kneecap). It can also repair the ligaments of the joint.
    Knee arthroscopy surgery lasts for approximately one hour.After surgery, a dressing will be applied to the knee, wrapped with an Ace bandage, which will help protect the knee and minimize swelling and pain. An ice pack will be applied to the knee, which will also help prevent swelling and pain.
    It can be treated by best surgeon who has a good knowledge of treatment for Arthroscopy

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