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A Google glitch favors Joho

This is nuts.

Go to “personalize” your Google homepage. A left-hand pane opens. Selecct “Create a Section” and type in “politics.” It lists some feeds you might want: Slate, CNN, Joho, NYT Magazine…

Yes, you read that right. Joho occasionally fulminates about politics, but it’s not primarily about politics. And its traffic is orders of magnitude smaller than real political sites and blogs. Likewise for links in. (I don’t ever ever check these stats, btw; it’s bad for the soul. But just compare the number of comments I get…)

So, clearly Google is broken. I mean, I’m glad that it’s broken in my favor, but listing Joho in that company is a desperate cry for help. [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “A Google glitch favors Joho”

  1. I just checked my new personalized page again, and I was wrong earlier in the other thread. It brings up 3 headlines for Joho the Blog. It is the 3 most recent new posts whether you’ve tagged them with “politics” or not. I was expecting to see the opposite – – that just the articles tagged “politics” would be listed.

    Very fun though. You should get new readership!

  2. Okay, it’s not tags at all. Putting in some other terms for categories brings up a blog I know that does not use them. They are just starting to talk about using tags.

  3. Googs is broken, they indexed themselves with all possible indices !!

  4. Google “failure” using I’m Feeling Lucky. Broken doesn’t quite capture it.

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