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Book social tagging site

Reader2 lets you list books you’re reading or plan on reading, tag them, search by tags, etc. Here’s its explanation of why you would use the site:

* You can easily find new and interesting books through user-defined categories, searches, and popularity among users.

* You can find users with similar book taste and see what they read (if you want this thing to work, you’ll need to add 10-20 books first).

* You can keep track of your friend’s books through RSS feeds.

* You can export books list to your site / blog.

Class assignment: Compare and contrast with LibraryThing and Berkman’s H20 .

(Thanks to Ian Forrester for the link.)

4 Responses to “Book social tagging site”

  1. Don’t forget

  2. Well, chop my liver. I mentioned Reader2 as an alternative to LibraryThing a month ago, in comments on this very blog. H’mph.

  3. You have earned you h’mph. Sorry about that.

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