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One generation sets, another rises

This evening as we were trying to TiVo The Simpsons while watching The West Wing live by using the second cable input, which goes straight into the TV, an operation requiring the use of all twelve remotes, two of them simultaneously, I lost track of the Grand Unified Theory behind our TV/TiVo/DVD/VCR/cable box/PS2/amplifier configuration and had to be guided step by step by our 14 year old son.

My time has passed. Today and tomorrow belongs to him.

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3 Responses to “One generation sets, another rises”

  1. and people say bittorrent is hard to use

  2. I have two connectivity experts at home–13 and 15yrs–who, daily, raise my awareness of how little I understand about what’s what. They also have no problem understanding why it snows one day and is 70 degress the next.

  3. I had the same problem last week. My wife was appearing on CNN, and I couldn’t get our DV camcorder to record off the VCR (which serves as our cable box). A panicked call to our 13-year-old at a friend’s house revealed the trick: I had to use the remote to record: there’s no button (among the dozens) on the camcorder itself to record off of video in!

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