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It’s getting harder to hide from your customers

Go to Google Base and search for “gold’s gym” (no quotes required). (Clicking here will perform the search for you.) The first entry, at least today, is from Mark Dionne who provides Gold’s corporate address, information that Gold’s Gym doesn’t like to make public, perhaps to ignore letters from unhappy customers such as Mark. [Tags: ]

7 Responses to “It’s getting harder to hide from your customers”

  1. The scary thing for me is that you were searching up Gold’s Gym. Tell me it’s not so. You’re setting a bad example for the homebound everywhere. ;-)

  2. Don’t worry, Jeneane. Mark was looking for Gold’s Gym. I remain committed to increasing my flabitude.

  3. So what happens (hypothetically) when my kids’ boy scout leader decides to enter our unlisted home address and phone number into a GoogleBase?

    It’s going to get harder and harder to hide from everyone, and I’m not all that enthusiastic about Google as the owner and arbitrer of all this information.

  4. I have certain qualms about Google myself. (See my JOHO comments about Google Print.)

    Note that Google Base only got the information out there faster. Eventually, the GoogleBot (and many other search engines) will find my page the “regular way.” And, Google Base appears to have a mechanism where one can protest content that is put into it. I don’t know how they decide if protests are valid.

    Why doesn’t Gold’s Gym want their corporate address publicized? Try Googling “Golds Gym Complaints” (37000 hits) and you will know why.

  5. Wshew. I’m glad you’re still representin’. We couldn’t have a better CFO.

  6. Thank you all for the corporate address!! Golds Gym is a rip! Short version: Cancelled membership and still charged for 3 months!- now in collections! Their policy is after you cancel, it takes 2 months to process and we have to pay!!! FUMING! Thank you ALL!!

  7. I read the complaints about Golds on this site. I am an employee of Golds so let me tell all of you while you are getting the run around from Golds when it comes to ending your contract. Management in the gym are given bonuses. If they lose more then x amount of members during the month their bonuses are docked 10%. See why now you are having problems with ending your contracts? As to the problems with employees that is because Golds has a really high turn over rate. Golds wants people to think they take care of there employees and members. However, Golds treats their employees really bad, gives ZERO amount towrads retirement, set goals for managerment way above what they should be and under pays employees. This all causes problems and high turn over rates. if Golds does not care about their employees how in the world would you expect Golds to worry about your membership? It is all about money. So, with all the above in mind I can assure you a lot of employees can
    careless if you get screwed over on your membership. Golds is one of those types of places that is fun to work with the members but do not expect a lot when it comes to you wanted to end your conctract. A lot of employee can careless about the company and that bleeds over into the membership problems. You can not run a company by not carring about employee and expect them to take care of members. Simple problems are fine but when it takes effort you can forget about it.

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