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Blackbox Voting to hack Diebold

From BlackBox Voting:

The California Secretary of State has invited Black Box Voting to hack away at some Diebold voting systems. The testing is set for Nov. 30, 2005.

Diebold Election Systems has been trying to re-certify its “TSx” touch- screen machines in California. Diebold has added stronger passwords and encryption, but even the consultant hired by California to evaluate the system reported that the voting system remains vulnerable to alteration of vote results. (More on consultant report and vulnerabilities:

This week, officials at the California Secretary of State’s office invited Black Box Voting, a nonprofit, nonpartisan watchdog group for elections, to try hacking into the Diebold system. A specific testing protocol was provided by Diebold and the California Secretary of State’s office.

BBV is unhappy with the procedures for doing the hacking, though. More here[Tags: ]

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