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Does free software chill innovation?

Pito Salas wonders if the market’s expectation that broad classes of software just ought to be free is preventing some very cool apps from being developed. And before you jump all over Pito, keep in mind that he’s been working hard for over a year (or is it two years?) on an open source aggregator, BlogBridge that he provides, yes, for free. (Disclosure: I’m on BlogBridge’s board of advisors, without any expectation of compensation. I’m also a friend of Pito’s.) [Tags: ]

2 Responses to “Does free software chill innovation?”

  1. I think so.

    If bloggers or other users of personal-use focused applications (or collaborative applications like the different forms of wikis, etc.) were to fork out say the price of 4 or 5 double-soy lattes or 10 cans of Coke for the apps – and that was the norm instead of free – I think we would see a storm of innovation.

  2. Free software is global software. Most of the world does not work with hard currency and online payments are local. Oh yes and pirate versions of big aps cost just over a buck a piece.

    Ubuntu, Drupal (please add more here, it’s not my speciality) and a thousand modules and plugins thrive beyond the dollar economy. This collaboration is for stakeholders rather than stockholders and it may be too frail to overcome the inertia of purchase price. There is a healthy shareware economy for good stuff after all.

    (RSS/Blog)Aggregators are easily coded and ubiquitous. Mine has been free in my Opera browser for 2+ years. I couldn’t pay if I found another as I earn in brazilian chocolate money, paypal doesn’t work here and my national plastic is .br only (apart from Skype!!!)


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