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Summarily dooced

Lisa Williams points to a friend who was fired from DeVry University in Westminster, Colorado, for what she had written in her blog. They didn’t warn her, nor did they tell her what they found so offensive. That sucks. [Tags: ]

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5 Responses to “Summarily dooced”

  1. Thanks very much for picking up the story, David! It’s funny, previously, I had thought I had the security of obscurity, you know? A few dozen people read my blog, and I knew just about all of them. Lisa’s dad even found it by accident one time, and he said he laughed so hard his hearing aid fell out. I thought, well, if a staunch Catholic with kids isn’t offended, who the hell would be? Apparently, the answer is the Orwellian Thought Police presence at DeVry University in Westminster, Colorado.

  2. I am sorry to hear of Ms. Spohn’s situation. It seems to happen all too frequently. I am currently working on a book about free speech in and around the workplace, and would welcome hearing from or about others who experience employer discipline or discharge for expressive activities.

    Bruce Barry
    Professor of Management and Sociology
    Vanderbilt University
    Nashville, Tenn.
    bruce [dot] barry [at] vanderbilt [dot] edu

    (p.s. enjoyed meeting you David when you visited Vanderbilt to give a talk about wikis approx. three years ago)

  3. This sort of stuff is one reason I’m thinking that halting my own blog might ultimately be advisable (it’s always been marginal for me, and I’ve come close to abandoning it before, but it seems like the risks are increasing).

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