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Logitech’s auto-escalating customer support

I posted a question to the Logitech customer forum because my new MX1000 mouse seems to pull downward— I have trouble getting it to point precisely where I want it, so I’m doing a lot of mis-selecting. Today I received an auto-mail message from Logitech telling me that they’ve noticed that no one replied to my question, so they’re escalating it to a human Logitech support person.


BTW, if you care about the problem I’m having with the mouse, you should know that I have another Logitech mouse (a Click! model) plugged in simultaneously and it doesn’t have that problem. Yes, I have the latest drivers. [Tags: ]

It turns out that laser mice like slick surfaces. So, I’ve taped a shiny page from a magazine to my mouse pad and the mouse is working much better now.

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  1. Logitech has been ahead of the curve for years. The company is acutely aware of its customers and their needs, reactions, desires, and interacts with them on a level and in a manner that might just shock (appall?) many other companies.

    Four years ago I had an old Logitech mouse that I wanted to use with a spare PD . . . couldn’t find the floppy for it anywhere. A few e-mails back and forth and they sent the content of the disk to me. And this was an OLD mouse, ancient in web years.

    This is how they build loyalty, preference, and also why their products demonstrate the thinking and care that is eveident in all aspects of the company.

    They were clued in before people were talking about those very clues!

  2. David, have you ever had a company deal with an unanswered forum posting that way before? It gives the concept of escalation, and channel management, an interesting twist on the self-service side of the customer experience. If the community of users doesn’t respond to your question, the forum software escalates it to an employee for review. It probably doesn’t help those people who receive community replies without getting their questions answered, but the overall concept is neat.

  3. I have a similar Logitech customer service success story. I had a four year old wireless mouse/keyboard combo. The mouse stopped working so I figured I would have to buy a new one, but at the last minute I decided to give Logitech a call anyhow. Glad I did. After about 2 minutes of troubleshooting, they shipped me a newer model of the wireless mouse/keyboard combo overnight delivery for free! I’d never dream of buying from anyone except Logitech in the future. Let’s hope they start making PCs soon…

  4. David, just an idea but where did you place your docking station (which provides the wireless connection to the mouse)?

    Make sure that the docking station is well away from any other electronic devices. For example, I had the docking station about three feet from my monitor and the mouse worked perfectly. Then one day I decided to move it to within a foot of my monitor and I noticed my tracking stability dropped dramatically.

    BTW I was also having tracking problems with the mouse when I used the USB connector. When I used the PS/2 port though it worked fine. The latest drivers (which you said you are using) solved this problem as well, so I can now use the USB connector again.

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