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Freedom to Connect

David isenberg, my friend, asks for bloggage to announce the following:

I’d like offer a special deal to readers of your blog that does
not appear on the official F2C website. It is about 50% off the
standard early bird pricing, $295 (vs. regular early bird at $595).
They need to use code FOBDL when they register at Unfortunately, this deal expires on
February 28.

F2C: Freedom to Connect, will happen April 3 & 4 in Washington DC.

I am going. I am speaking there. See you there?

2 Responses to “Freedom to Connect”

  1. Um…you’re *speaking* there? After telling me that you weren’t going to *any* conferences between now and the book deadline?

  2. Liz, I told you I was cutting down, not that I wasn’t going to any conferences. F2C is a day trip for me, so it was easier to say yes to.

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