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Italy – Day 1

Time is running out at the Internet cafe I’m typing this from, so this will be quick.

Fine flight. Little sleep. Breakfast consisted of a granola bar thrown at you from the front of the plane as first class brought their kids to watch.

Into the hotel at 12:30. Out for a walk at 1. We wandered aimlessly around Trastavere (sp?), so named because it’s across the Tiber. (Note to self: Build piazzas in Boston. The American idea – bundling all of a city’s free space into a mall or two – just doesn’t work as well.) Dinner with Gianluca B., a grad student I met here last year – great fun. Spray myself, my family, and a visiting soccer team as I try to drink from a sidewalk watering tube. Asleep at 10:30. Up at 8am. Eat the free breakfast. See my family off as they go to the Great Synagogue for services. I report to the local Internet cafe, present my papers, get the retinal scan, pass through the metal detector, and am lightly probed by the Microsoft Trusted Anus system, and log on.

Loving the trip so far.

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4 Responses to “Italy – Day 1”

  1. hehe, I work on Trastevere :D
    how find me? a green Kawasaki Ninja parked in piazza Mastai, 300 mt to Tiber :D

    welcome to Rome

  2. Hi David!

    I’m an italian and I live in Rome! I have organized the first italian IA Summit that will be held 24 Feb here in Rome( How long will you stay here? I will talk about facets and folksonomies.

    Hoping to get in touch with you if you will be here this week.


  3. Cunili, thank you, and I’ll try to avoid accidentally knocking over your ninja with my massive American girth.

    Emanuele, unfortunately we leave on Monday afternoon. Thanks for the invitation, though. And I just blogged about your interesting wiki-folksonomy idea…

  4. seriously, ninja or not ninja :D, i work in Adnkronos, press agency on Trastevere.
    it’s nice to have you here

    Emanuele, interessante il summit. si può avere un comunicato relativo all’evento? mi occupo proprio di questo genere di argomenti ;-) nel caso, la mia email è mattia.repetto[at]


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