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Lowest local gas prices

Plug in your zip code and find the local gas station with the lowest prices

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  1. Doesn’t work in firefox.

  2. Doesn’t work in Camino.

  3. It DOES work in firefox – scroll down the page after you enter your zip code…

  4. Has anyone checked to find who we buy most of our crude oil from? I bet 80% of us would think its The Middle East or Saudi Arabi. Its not.
    The first and second nation we buy our most crude oil from is 1 is Canada, 2 is Mexico. This information is on the Internet but you have to dig a little for it. Then why is gas so high!! When its not being transported as far. The oil companies and the speculators are what are making it go higher. They are speculating that we are going to have a major hurricane, and they are speculating that there is going to unrest in
    in Iran. We dont even buy that much crude oil from them. There needs to be some type of grass roots calling out there to let these people know that we are unhappy. Dont buy gas for a couple days!!!!!!!!!!!


    What better day to start the boycott than Cinco de Mayo.

    Let’s sent Big Brother and Big Oil both a message.

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