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Three days, three cities

I’m on day one of a mini-tour of Europe — Paris, Hamburg, Milan — talking about blogging with various business audiences. My main aim is to put blogging into a context bigger than business and to counter some misapprehensions. Overall, I will stress: 1. The social, connective nature of blogging: We’re not just 27 million individual op-ed writers behind walls of print; 2. If a company wants to blog, it has to give up an uncomfortable level of control; 3. Blogging is ours — for us, about what we care about, creating new “we’s” — not merely a tool for business. Of course, I expect to have my expectations subverted since I’m an American talking in three countries. (I also hope not to sound like the pompous a-hole I sound like in this post. But that may be aiming too high.)

The tour is sponsored by Edelman PR to whom I consult.*

* Note to the WSJ: “Support” and “consult” both indicate that Edelman pays me. [Tags: ]

4 Responses to “Three days, three cities”

  1. Looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

  2. Me2. I am curious about whether what you have to say changes much from Paris to Hamburg.

  3. Sebastian, I’m not planning on changing the presentation. The different reactions will be quite interesting, albeit statistically insignificant :)

    Looking forward to seeing you and Heiko.

  4. I love the note you left for the WSJ :)

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