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March 31, 2006

GoogleCircles – What you (and others) have been searching for

GoogleCircles, the latest beta from Google (so why is it marked version “4.1”?) is a bit like the late lamented Amazon Book Circles: It shows you what people in a geographic area or from a particular domain are searching for. Be sure to check what they’re looking for in [Tags: ]


Why I don’t love my computer any more

I loved my KayPro II.

I loved it not only because it was my first computer, although that helped. I loved it because it taught me so much; I learned about computing, and not just about a particular operating environment. I loved it because within a year I could teach myself to write assembler programs for rescuing crashed WordStar documents and manage files. I loved it because I could carefully follow directions to double the clock speed by actually soldering jumpers on the motherboard. I loved it because even I could read its schematic.

I don’t love my current PC. It’s a big honking machine and I like how it works: 3.2mh processor, 0.75T of storage, two screens, etc. But I’d ditch it tomorrow for a bigger, faster machine. My emotional attachment is zero.

As DRM locks down my machine so that it becomes more like a TV, I’m going to feel more alienated from it.

Many Mac owners feel attached to their machines for a variety of reasons: Its elegance, its Unix hackability (in the good sense), its not-Windows-ness. Of course, we’ll see how much Apple’s love of DRM weakens that good feeling over time.

I do not expect to love a computer again. I would be happy to be surprised.

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March 30, 2006

Bags o’ Tim

Tim’s got a post with lots of comments discussimg laptop bags. (I get some of the blame for this, having raised the topic with Tim at dinner a few nights ago.)

Not so coincidentally, but before reading Tim’s post, I ordered a Crumpler bag off of eBay because my Swiss Army knapsack is coming apart and I admired someone’s Crumpler a little bit ago.

Yes, the Crumpler web site is so hip that it’s unusable. [Tags: ]

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Partial eclipse photos

That is, photos of the partial eclipse, not partial photos of the eclipse. [Tags: ]


The Google lobby

David Donnelly at is upset that Google is engaging in politics-as-usual lobbying, even if it is to protect the neutrality of the Net. David suggests some webbier ways Google might proceed.

Personally, I’m glad Google is lobbying the old fashioned way. We’re getting creamed by the other side’s ability to work Congress. On the other hand, I’d love to see Google also try out some of what David suggests. (Thanks to Micah Sifry for the link.) [Tags: ]

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Free Hao Wu

Hao Wu’s sister has started a blog at MSN Spaces. There’s a translation of the first post here.

Free Hao Wu

You can get a badge for your site here. [Tags:]

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Those darn teens

Those darn teens

danah’s got a great post about what happens when teenagers actually do engage in a political cause. [Tags: ]


March 29, 2006

Yahoo needs to change its China policy

You will not come away from Rebecca’s latest post all eager to sign up with Yahoo. If nothing else, Yahoo’s continuing to host its email service within reach of China’s police is unconscionable. [Tags: ]


The scandal that could break the camel’selephant’s back

With his reference at the press conference to not wearing Speedo’s on the beach, President Bush came perilously close to acknowledging the one photograph that could bring down his administration overnight. No, not a photo of more torture at Abu Ghraib. Not Dick Cheney tying a young woman to a railway track…

…A photo of Bush without his shirt on.

In the full eight years of his presidency we will never ever be shown such a photo because America would learn how much time he puts in buffing himself.

America isn’t ready for Bush’s six pack. [Tags: ]

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McCain and gay marriage

The Carpetbagger Report reports that John McCain seems to be moving to the right wrt gay marriage.

Too bad.


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