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GoogleCircles – What you (and others) have been searching for

GoogleCircles, the latest beta from Google (so why is it marked version “4.1”?) is a bit like the late lamented Amazon Book Circles: It shows you what people in a geographic area or from a particular domain are searching for. Be sure to check what they’re looking for in [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “GoogleCircles – What you (and others) have been searching for”

  1. Boo. No Vermont.

  2. Brian, try clicking on or Then check the rev number (4.1) again…

  3. For those who are wondering if Google Circles is for real, click “Terms Of Service” at the bottom. Then also click “full explanation” for more info, or just go here:

    Nice prank! It had me wondering for a while (but confused about what good this site was). The Google login information at the top of the page is simply an iframe with Google news loaded in it.

  4. Now although Google Circles is not a real website, its premise is very much real. This type of thing does indeed happen.

  5. I also intended the 4.1 rev number (which isn’t actually on the GoogleCircles site) as a hint: 4.1.06 is the US way of denoting the date.

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