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Beyond Broadcast podcast interviews

Jennie Attiyeh’s ThoughtCast site has a bunch of interviews with participants at the Beyond Broadcast conference I missed this weekend. (I was at a World Resources Institute offsite to work on communications strategies. Fascinating group of people and they’re working on one of the most important issues on earth. I was thrilled to be included, but sorry to miss the BB conference.) [Tags: ]

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  1. The WP guys themselves used to publish collections of proof-read versions of their articles around a certain topic, e.g. “The Internet” or “Sea Life”, I think. These were on dead tree, though.

    It doesn’t make too much sense for the digital version I think, since related articles are hyperlinked anyway (ideally), so the only thing you’d (value-)add would be: borders. Maybe not worthless, but not a geat feature for WP, either.

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