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Psychology of game AI

I’m sure people have studied this already and that some work is already well-known, but I think it’d be interesting to investigate the principles game designers use when creating AI for characters to see if we can learn anything about human psychology at the theoretical level. Game designers aren’t trying to model human intelligence; they just want to not have enemies be sitting ducks who don’t notice when the character next to them takes one to the head. Given the designers’ extreme utilitarian and behavioral intentions, what can we learn about human psychology? Quite possibly nothing, but it’d be fun to learn about. [Tags: ]

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  1. Many years ago, the designer of the classic computer game Archon game to visit where I was working (Infocom). Among the coolest things he said was that the idea behind computer AI wasn’t to be really really smart, it was to avoid being dumb. And if you can do that, it’s amazing what the player will credit the AI with. It’s still the same, only on a bigger, more graphical, stage.

  2. Slightly off topic but you might be interested in this Game Studies website then.

    Definitely make sure you check out their archives page. One of my favorite essays from it is this one relating to the social interactions within Counter-Strike.

    Creative Player Actions in FPS Online Video Games: Playing Counter-Strike

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