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It’s not a war

“President Bush says, just as the United States persevered and ultimately won the Cold War against communism, America will emerge victorious in the war on terror”

This is a dangerously bad comparison…part and parcel of the overall flight-suit version of the “war on terror.” Unless, of course, we want to extend the comparison with the war against communism and say that, just as there are still communists and communist nations, there will always be people willing to use the tactic of terrorism against us. And if that’s the case, fighting those who would kill us will never be enough.

The way to lasting safety ultimately is through peace. IMO. [Tags: ]

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8 Responses to “It’s not a war”

  1. hej!!
    masz bardzo fajnego bloga!!
    Mam nadzieje ze wpadniesz też do mnie :)
    Może będę tu częśiej wpadać :-)

    papaa :*

  2. Perhaps it would be better compared with the War On (some) Drugs.

  3. What always strikes me about this phrase is that it’s not a War on Terrorism. The abstract noun Terror simultaneously narrows the scope, implying that there’s a single root cause to all the various practices which can be labelled ‘terrorist’, and broadens it: the WoT can only be won when nobody feels terrorised. As with our own government’s campaign against anti-social behaviour – which has led to heightened awareness and reduced tolerance of anti-social behaviour – the WoT risks perpetuating and magnifying its own adversary.



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