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Blackberry USB charging – Annoyance #412

My new Blackberry 8700c can be charged via a plain old USB cable attached to a PC. Yay! But unless you install the 35MB of Blackberry desktop software onto your laptop, the device rejects the charge. Boo!

I’m guessing that the software somehow regulates the voltage going out of the USB port, which I suppose is reasonable. It’s too bad Blackberry won’t allow you to choose to risk it in case of emergency. And it’s too bad Blackberry won’t let you download a small file rather than the 35MB monster for when, say, you’re away for Memorial Day Weekend and only have a dial-up connection.

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16 Responses to “Blackberry USB charging – Annoyance #412”

  1. I could have sworn I have charged my 8700c by randomly vampiring USB power off of friends who don’t have the software installed. (I know I did it with my older BlackBerry.)

  2. Cingleberry – I mean, Cingular – says that you need the software, confirming my particular experience with my one 8700c and my one laptop. So, I’m a unitary data point, and nothing more.

  3. Might want to look at this:

    As I read it, w/ WinXP, you dont need the software, with Win2K you do.

  4. Charing my 8700 on my laptop via usb right now. Verizon version no software. Windows XP

  5. I have WinXP SP2 with the same problem. Won’t recognize the Blackberry without the software installed and the device won’t charge.

  6. If you run windows update with the Blackberry already plugged in under optional hardware updates you can get the USB only diver for the blackberry.
    This makes charging a lot quicker with windows XP and solves the issue of getting the new hardware wizard everytime you plug the blackberry in.

  7. Thank you Jeremiah.
    This worked :)

  8. Unfortunately, this approach only works if you do not have GPO’s disabling windows updates. In my case, my laptop is provided through work and GPOs enforced.

  9. If you want to charge your Blackberry on your laptop without installing the BB Desktop Manager software, you can copy 2 files to your c:\winnt\system32 directory:


    You can get these 2 files from the cd or from someone who has the software installed.

  10. i recentlyl bought a Dell Latitude D20 with docking station. when i tried to charge/synch my Blackberry 7100 i get an error message telling that there is insufficient power or that the drivers need to be updated. i’ve updated the drivers and it still doesn’t work. in fact, the problem has gotten worse. when i connect the 7100 my blackberry synch window says the 7100 is not connected and then the 7100 shuts down.
    has anyone seen this?


  11. Tks Jeremiah. That was particularly helpful as I’d just moved onto a BES and wasn’t charging through USB. Your solution was definitely the easiest to implement.
    Cheers, John

  12. Windows Vista Ultimate installs the driver from the Internet for a Vodafone Blackberry allowing it to charge without pulling down the full software.

    At least one good thing about Vista.

  13. Thanks Jeremiah!!

  14. Running Windows Update with the crackberry plugged in worked like a charm!

  15. For some reason I ran linux Puppy version ( which is a distro that can boot off cd or a usb flash drive) and randomly enough the Blackharry decides to charge. No addintional drivers needed. Once done shut down computer and off you go. Wouldn’t work ni my other linux distros or XP without software updates. handy in a tight spot when there’s no internet around.

  16. I use the bcharge command, distributed by the “barry project” on all my ubuntu linux machines. is where you get barry. If you are good at building yourself, you can install bcharge only. I have no need for any kind of synchronization, etc. on linux.

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