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Unlocking the secret of invisibility

In this new theory, which is from that used on modern “stealth” bombers, which bounce radar off their surfaces so they cannot be seen, an object would be encased in a shell of metamaterials and they would create an illusion akin to a mirage, said David Schurig of Duke University in North Carolina, who worked on a second report, which also appears in the latest Science journal.

“Think of space as a woven cloth,” Schurig said. “Imagine making a hole in the cloth by inserting a pointed object between the threads without tearing them.”

The light, or microwaves, or radar would travel along the threads of the cloth, ending up behind the object without having touched it. – Xinhuanet

So, boring turns out to be the secret to invisibility in both the material and online worlds…

Unfortunately, being interesting does not guarantee visibility in the online one.

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  1. “Unfortunately, being interesting does not guarantee visibility in the online one.”

    Hear, hear (or not heard, not heard …).

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