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[supernova] More video interviews

More of my interviews of Supernova attendees have been posted, including:

Michael Copps, an FCC Commissioner, talks about whether the four Internet principles have been weakened and his hope for Network neutrality.

Robert Levitan of Pando Networks talks about the role of peer-to-peer in the spread of user-generated video.

Michael Goff of Megalomedia talks about the terrain between blogs and sites.

Axel Schmiegelow of the Denkwerk Group has an early claim to the invention of social bookmarks and tagging. The site is still active:

Stan Joosten (part 1 part 2) is a marketing guy at Procter and Gamble who believes the customers are in charge. His issue: How do you have a conversation with 2 billion of them?

Mary Hodder, the founder and CEO of Dabble talks about what we’re doing with video and what the network needs to be like to support it.

Dan Shine (part1 part 2) is in charge of AMD’s 50×15 program, trying to connect 50% of the world by 2015.

Doug Kaye of Conversations Network has a grand vision in which more and more of public speech is saved in a public place.

Dan Gillmor, the journalist who is now a citizens media advocate, is in a fired-up mood, grabs the mike, and…

Kevin Werbach, Mr. Supernova, talks briefly about how the conference is going, and then ducks away to moderate the last panel.

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