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Pictures as tags

Dan Bricklin does a great job explaining what makes StyleFeeder — just acquired by Top10Sources — especially interesting. Briefly: StyleFeeder lets you grab an image off a page and use it as a tag for remembering the page and for letting others quickly browse. It’s designed especially for bookmarking products you’re interested in buying, but there are other applications as well.

(You know you’re a geek if you assumed “StyleFeeder” was about CSS, not about clothing.) [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “Pictures as tags”

  1. No comment on who came up with it, but Wists has been doing this for at least a year.

  2. Wists, as I recall, took entire page captures while StyleFeeder takes particular images. Still, you’re right. I even wrote about Wists way back when. D’oh.

  3. To my recollection, Wists has always given you the option to take an image off the page to use as the bookmark instead of the screen shot.

    Pressing on…

  4. Wists doesn’t really have any focus– it’s merely with pictures. StyleFeeder, although it allows you to bookmark just about anything, seems to be building a proper community around the task of shopping collaboratively. Their blog has some pretty good examples of how it’s being used… obviously a marketing success story but still a pretty good use case:

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