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Modern definition of vacation

Working in a nicer spot.

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  1. Hah. I just spent 10 days in Hawaii and I didn’t bring a laptop. WiFi (especially in Waikiki) is everywhere, but I stayed offline, away from email, away from thinking about all this crap I mean stuff. It was good not to be blogging or reading blogs or dealing with the everyday. It was stressful to let it all go for 10 days and I may have lost out on opportunities for being offline, but it made for a good vacation!

  2. Kudos to Steve Portigal! 10 days off-line is almost unimaginable. Wow!

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    Gina Kay

  4. Thanx for such a nice piece of information. I think i ll never need a vacation after this as it is not worth its salt to spend a lot simply for a nicer spot and occupied with labtops and all that stuff there.

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