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[foocamp06] First life in Second Life

Julian Bleeker is interested in how first life and second life (with as a good example) overlap.

E.g., he designed a game in which players got a word square (jumbled letters that contain words) that they had to track physically in a field, wired with GPS. Some decided instead to “draw” by walking in a path that created a picture.

Nikolaj Nyholm talks about how uses Second Life to prototype user interactions.

Matt Bidulph has been doing Second Life mashups. You can use http, he says, to pipe out info from SecondLife, including what people are saying. Cory Ondrejka, Second Life CTO, says that there’s been an explosion of interest and development since they put in http requests. (Someday, he says, they’ll make every object a Web server.) He says that there are 100 classes a week inside Second Life in how to use the API and scripting language.He looks forward to the day when there is a Second Life renderer inside a Web browser.

Phillip Rosedale, Second Life founder, says that they’re a small development house. They’re focused on opening Second Life up and getting it to run fast.

Nikolaj says that it’ll be at least five years before we can programmatically and ubiquitously locate someone in terms of latitude.longitude based on their phone positions, but we can already (see Imity) see who is around a particular phone number. GPS will take that long to get put into cellphones because of battery life…

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