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The dysfunctional attention economy

Jeneane is banging on the rebirth of interest attention:

…anyone concerned with what you’re paying attention to is out to make money off of you. Trying to paint attention monitoring or tracking or trust or what have you as anything other than that is dishonest. You and I are not that important. No one, I mean no one, besides a suspicious mate cares what you pay attention to online unless they’re looking to divorce some bread from your wallet.

Well, or just checking to see whether you need to be shipped off to Guantanamo.

I like what Jeneane says. When your model of consciousness (note: not the brain) divorces attention from the ways we care, you get marketing campaigns that focus on the lizard portion of our brains. Rather than tricking us into liking their products, the campaigns try to trick us into thinking we’re interested in something, anything. It’s annoying and it’s demeaning.

Marketers are the last people we should trust with our attention. [Tags: ]

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