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The dirtiest spot in your house

What’s the one spot people with infectious diseases go to several times a day, spreading their germs carefully over a shared surface?

It’s your family bottle of hand sanitizer. It’s got to have the house’s richest concentration of germs.

Of course, as my children point out, the sanitizing gel kills the germs that you’ve picked up from the bottle. So long as you don’t miss a spot on your hands. And so long as the stuff actually works.

They ought to make the hand sanitizer bottle out of hand sanitizer. Another million dollar idea I give to you for nothing!

(Yeah, we could each get our own bottle, but, frankly, a little bacterial risk is a good thing.) [Tags: ]

3 Responses to “The dirtiest spot in your house”

  1. Oh, too funny, and so true. Thanks for making me think about it now!

    I keep a bottle in my drawer at work and go to it several times a day. After I blow my nose, I pick it up; after a dog comes in that I have to pet, I pick it up. Oh no, it must be filthy! I guess now I will have to get some of those individually wrapped towellettes to wipe off the bottle after use.

    I faithfully use the disinfectent cloths that they offer you at some supermarkets now to wipe off the shopping cart. Evidently a study was done and the shopping cart handle area is the germiest of whatever all was tested.

    Maybe making the top of a food cart into a seat for children with poopy diapers and grimy hands was not such a good idea.

  2. sanitizing gel kills […] germs

    Are you sure? Sounds like an urban legend to me.

    Anyway, germs cannot stand dryness. So if you either dry you sanitizer or your hands after washing your hands, you should be fine.

    Or use a bar of soap: they tend to dry all by themselves.

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