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John Buckman of Magnatune has started a new service called Bookmooch. You list books you’re willing to give away. If someone wants it, you send it (at your expense) and get a credit which you can then use to mooch a book from someone else. The service is free.

Sounds pretty cool, even if it does encourage the “soft piracy” of giving books away without further compensating the author :)

[For the sarcasm-impaired: The smiley face is there to indicate that I don’t really consider it piracy. I’m going to be sad — and angry — when DRM leaves it up to the publisher to decide how you dispose of content you’ve bought and now are done with.] [Tags: ]

2 Responses to “Bookmooch”

  1. I Love BookMooch! I have been a member for 5 months, time flies, it is amazing, and Much less complicated than most of the other book swapping sites I check out, my favourite by far.
    Sorry if I’m random, I Stumbled

  2. HELP!!! I can no longer log into bookmooch and as I can’t respond to moochers, I’m getting a bad rep. I can get to the home page but when I try to log in, I just get returned to the login box and can go no further. What’s happening?

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