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Richard Sambrook breaks through the firewall

For years, Richard Sambrook, the BBC’s Director of Global News and World Service, has been one of the most popular bloggers inside the BBC. Now he’s started SacredFacts, a public blog. As Euan Semple points out, how Richard balances his private views with his journalistic position will be fascinating to watch. This is especially true because, despite the fact that he inhabits a position that is the exemplar of what people mean by The Establishment, Richard is open-minded, clear-headed about what’s happening to journalism, a born little-d democrat, aware of the power of the media to make the world better, ready to experiment, and in love with the Web. I’ve gotten to know him personally a little, so I’m willing to go out on a limb and add that there’s no one better to have a beer with. [Tags: ]

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