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DOEP (Daily Open-Ended Puzzle) (intermittent): Six-word stories

The current issue of Wired has a feature I like a lot: They got 33 sf writers to contribute six-word short stories. So, I’m shamelessly ripping off that idea, but with a twist. Here’s the six-word version of today’s DOEP:

Six-word story. Any genre. Surprise ending.

For example:

Duel to death at noon. Eclipse.

Brother impregnates sister. Disgusting. They’re bees.*

For extra points, make it Web-themed… [Tags: ]

*I know that bees don’t get pregnant, and I’m not sure that the concept of brother and sister really applies, but let’s just say that’s all part of the surprise ending.

12 Responses to “DOEP (Daily Open-Ended Puzzle) (intermittent): Six-word stories”

  1. Surfing the web. Find The End.

    Click on link. 404 Not Found.

    Mistype URL. Endless popups. Squatter.

    Hmm. This is fun. Wasting time.

  2. Once upon a time. The End.

  3. Drizzle blurred. Guillotine slid raucously… Jam?

  4. Not homeless, living on the Web.

  5. Schmoozed frantically. Failed. Found God.

  6. Web 2.0? VC Hype.
    It’s PEOPLE.

  7. Hemingway did this: “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.”

  8. Awake, it’s morning–I’m dreaming this.

  9. Bla bla… hey, I can speak!

    Click. Pop-ups. No, cabbage porn again!

  10. Brank Collin? Long time no see!

    (true story, and web(2.0)-themed too, right?)

  11. Ooo. FireFox Two. Can’t wait. Sucks.

  12. Still traveling. No ID. No face.

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