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Three business models that always always work

Steven Streight suggests three business models that “always work for everybody who uses them correctly and persistently, heck, even sporadically and lazily like me.” I wouldn’t go that far, but the fact that they ever work is proof that the world is better than we think it is. [Tags: ]

I am reminded of Larry Lessig’s post on the three economies. Hey, they’re both about economics and have three alternatives.

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  1. People are always, at least once every year or two, asking me, “Vaspers, you’re a marketing guy. How can I make money with my thingamajigs?”

    And I say use free items to generate traffic for non-free items. There is no other way, at least for business start ups.

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    I wish ppl would just try showering ppl with FREE stuff, drown the world in high quality FREE stuff, then watch the wars cease and the hungry eat.

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