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Britt Blaser’s 64th Brithday wish

Britt is an ever-youthful 64 today and writes:

What do I want for my 64th birthday? I’d like some reporter to stand up at a press conference on live TV and ask, ‘Mr. President, on what date do you believe that we will all agree that the Iraq War has turned out no better than every other project you fucked up in your life?’

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4 Responses to “Britt Blaser’s 64th Brithday wish”

  1. We can only hope he got his present! Even if it’s late, it’ll still count!!

  2. I knew there was some reason that I like Britt Blaser — we share a wish.

  3. A birthday present for Britt

    In November…

    What do you think about the election, Britt?

    It was like being on the Titanic for the Republicans, wasn’t it?

    I hope for you Britt, that you will get more of such presents.

    Best wishes from Germany…

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