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Mr. iPod on Zune

Steven Levy has a column about what could make the Zune better. He’s not nearly as negative as Andy Uhnatko (whose article I blogged about here), but he certainly seems underwhelmed. Steven focuses on how Microsoft could put the Zune’s wifiability to good use.

As is acknowledged under the column, Steven is the author of a book about the iPod called The Perfect Thing, which gives you sense of where he stands on the iPod. (Not that you’d want to stand on your iPod.) I’ve been greatly enjoying the book even though I don’t own an iPod, because (a) it’s about the iPod as a cultural phenomenon; (b) it’s about how something creative and elegant comes out of a commercial enterprise; (c) Steve writes real good. (I have a Creative Zen Nomad. It works.) [Tags: ]

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