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Deval Patrick seeks help from citizens…

A member of Governor-elect Deval Patrick’s transition team, Michael Wilcox, has sent out an email that I hope is indicative of how Patrick is going to govern. The message says:

As you may know, I have accepted, with great pleasure, an invitation to serve on the Patrick/Murray transition team, as a member of the Economic Development working group. I hope you will join the effort by submitting written suggestions concerning the issues that matter to you. We, as citizens, have an unprecedented opportunity to have a voice in our state government. Deval and Tim have expressed a genuine desire to receive public input during this transition process.

For a complete listing of the membership of each of the 15 working groups, see this link. If you’re interested in submitting suggestions to a particular group, you might take a look to see if you recognize any of the members, and submit them directly to that person. Otherwise, there’s a link here to the transition website, where you can fill out a form with your ideas. There is also a link on the transition website to an “Employment Opportunities” page, which provides instructions on how to apply for a job in the new administration.

I encourage you to submit suggestions, either via the website, to someone you know who is in one of the working groups, or to me via email, and I will be sure they get delivered to the appropriate people….

I’ve whined about the transition website because it doesn’t allow us to talk to one another. But I’m also encouraged… [Tags: ]

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  1. I took youre survey the other nigth and I was dissapointed.It seemed to me to be designed to get the answers you want without my being able to say what I felt. I don,t want my taxes raised. I don,t want to pay for illegal immagrants. The people who benefit are the ones who hire them to cut lawns ,work in their homes and watch their children. If they had to pay a union wage they wouldn ‘t want them either, The MCAS shouldn’t be given in any other language but English. And if children are underachiving lets blame the parents noy just schools. Low income parents should read to the kids as well as middle income. Libraries are free.

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