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PrivacyGuard: Scam or Fraud?

I received a notice today from PrivacyGuard (a “service” of Trilegiant), telling me that if I don’t write or call, they will continue to charge me $10.99/month. I did not sign up for PrivacyGuard knowingly; there must have been some box I didn’t uncheck on some form I filled in somewhere.

Fine. Well, not so fine. In any case, I called their 800 number. After the robot gathered my information, I was transferred to a message that said that because of the unexpectedly high volume, due to the “popularity” of the program, they are unable to handle my call at this time. Then they robo-hung up on me.

So, I’m writing to the snail address to unenlist. There is no way to unenroll over the Web. I somehow suspect that my letter will get “lost” in the mail.

These seem to be first-class thugs. If you can avoid them, do. [Tags: ]

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  1. (1) cancel it through your credit card company, and (2) write to your state’s attorney general.

  2. As Jeff said, just tell your credit card bank to “take care of it”.

    They will ask the merchant bank (Trilegiants bank) for documentation for the transaction and if Trilegiant can’t provide it your bank will be happy to give you your money back. (Actually, if I remember the law right then as soon as you dispute it the money will be marked as “money you don’t have to pay”).

    – ask

  3. … unfortunately i have also been a victim of this fraud.. i may perform legal action against them. i was charged several times and they overdrafted my bank account.


  5. I faxed a letter to their Executive office to ‘request’ for a credit (11.99/mo for 6 months). Just last week, I got a letter from them denying my request. I feel like there should be a class action against Privacy Guard especially since I did not sign up for a membership with them. I know I should have reviewed my credit card statements more carefully but I wonder if there is anything else I can do to get my refund?

  6. Here’s how we finally got free of these theives! We dialed customer service and got the run around- it was like trying to quit AOL all over again. They simply won’t let you! These theives have been stealing $12.99 a month from us (via automatic draft)for longer than we are willing to admit. Our online banking rep advised against simply stopping payment on a specific amount as the theives are savvy and then just change the amount by one penny & it then goes undetected.
    Finally we reached tech support 1-888-883-6303 option 2. A very nice lady CANCELLED our subscription immediately- no run around. WE even got a confirmation number. Good luck.

  7. Thanks to the post by Wendy Jo I was able to cancel my membership with this so-called business. You have to listen to their spiell but after that it was easy to cancel. Don’t forget to write down your cancel confirmation number. When you dial 1-888-883-6303 they will answer credit care or guard but not privacy guard but it is the same company. Thanks again Wendy Jo for the post. VERY HELPFUL (:

  8. I personal have Privacy Guard and absolutely love it. I know for a fact that the only way you can become enrolled in Privacy is if they recieve a positive response. I know this may sound like a lie, but if you ask for it they can provide it for you. Also if you are unsatisfied with PG you can always call the customer service number and cancel it. The agent will give you two rebuttals (and if you listen PG actually offers wonderful benefits) and when given 2 negative responses your membership will be cancelled. For those of you that are disappointed and say PG are crooks and won’t cancel you, maybe you need to be nicer. If you call and are upset and won’t let the representatice speak, then you are right, you will not get anywhere with trying to cancel. Just be polite, it won’t kill you to be nice! Remember the agents you speak with are only doing their job, and they are not the ones that personally signed you up! Also in response to anyone that wants a refund for months of service… PG is good at reviewing and refunding, but if you have been a member for several months/years, and now want a refund, you must see it from PGs point of view. It is YOUR bank account/CC that the money is coming out of. YOU are responsible for looking at your bank statement and calling about any unwanted/unauthorized charges, right then, not 6 months later!!!

  9. Melissa, you sound like the rep I had to talk to on the phone when I tried to cancel, again. Apparently, when I called and cancelled within the first three months my cancellation was not accepted. So for 2 years i have suffered a charge on my account that i mistook as an internet service, because the entry is completely cryptic.

  10. Hello,

    Thank you all for the information. I have found that Privacy Guard’s customer service will give you a number that will never work. However, I have found this blog to be much more helpful. I tried the number posted above, but it doesn’t work if you are calling from inside of Canada. So, I found a new number that does work: 888-609-2455.

  11. We’ve been charged every month since 05!!! I thought it was the wifes she thought it was mine.

    Here’s what to look for:

    TLG*PRIVGRD########MAR 800-374-8273 CT 11.99


  12. I tried to cancel my Privacy Guard membership by phone, nothing happened, my credit card was charged almost a year later, I did not notice it at first. I contacted US Bank, they say I am responsible as I did not contact them within 60 days of the charge appearing on my credit card bill. I intend to pay off my US Bank credit card, and then cancel it this month. I hate US Bank now for aiding and abetting these crooks into stealing my money. I regard this as a learning experience, albeit an expensive one.

  13. I tried to cancel my Privacy Guard membership by phone, nothing happened, my credit card was charged almost a year later, I did not notice it at first. I contacted US Bank, they say I am responsible as I did not contact them within 60 days of the charge appearing on my credit card bill. I intend to pay off my US Bank credit card, and then cancel it this month. I hate US Bank now for aiding and abetting these crooks into stealing my money. I regard this as a learning experience, albeit an expensive one.

  14. I’ve been dealing with TLG* Credit Alert after I found that they’d stolen $99.99 from my bank account. They so sweetly offered to return $70 into my bank account and I had to write a letter requesting the rest or something stupid like that. So basically, I have to beg them to return the money they stole from me. Yes, I even got a conformation number but I’m thinking my money is long gone and the rest of it they stole from me before I found out what they were doing. I to thought it was something my husband was buying and he thought I was buying it. I didn’t ask for Credit Alert which they (Credit Alert) said was from AOL (Haven’t had AOL in years and it took around two for them to finally stop charging me) but I read on another site that this company sends things through snail mail and if you don’t answer, they’ll charge you and that AOL sells them your bank account number. Doesn’t surprise me.

  15. I asked them more that 10 time to cancell it. They never did it. They charged me 11.99 since I had this card. I’m student and I can’t afford to lose any more money.

  16. I have worked for Privacy Guard for longer than I would like to admit and finally found a job that is comparible to my pay rate. The Agents make bonuses on ‘saving’ you. I make anywhere from $700 to $1400 a month just in bonuses. The company is a thief. They do not provide the services they promise and if you do want help with ID theft you better have a good lawyer. CHASE is the biggest offender when it comes to enrollments. When my boyfriend opened an account with them I activated his card..(this is how most enrollments happen) after I denied the offer knowing what to do he still ended up with the service. My advice to you is STAY AWAY FROM CHASE and if you get a charge cancel it ASAP and PLEASE WRITE DOWN YOUR CONFIRMATION # OR YOU WILL END UP WITH NOTHING. Half the time the rep will not cancel you even if you get the cancel #!! Just some inside advice.

  17. The VA identity scandal has affected my personal info…VA turned me over to PG and offered to pay for one year. I have been dealing with PG since May and have yet to get my credit reports (as promised). Is there anyone else out there experiencing the same problem???

  18. The Chase fraud division called me about recent charges to my CC. Privacy Guard was one of them. I was in bed with the flu at the time and verified the charges because I thought they were something else. I called the bank and they said they were cancelling the charges, but I have to contact PG to cancel the service. I guess I’ll start with the Tech Support # that Wendy suggests, then watch my CC bill.

  19. That isnt nothing my wife called me this afternoon and asked why $120.00 out of our checking account. I told her I never got anything and when we looked up the company I found out that I canceled with them last month because we never got any results. And then still charged us. And they also said it would take 10 to 15 days to refund. I dont think it should take that long. Do you????

  20. Carol, Like you, I was contacted by the VA about my privacy being compromised and they put me in touch with privacy guard. I delayed responding to them until I had time to research this further. I am relieved I did. I received a followup letter stating from them that they could not access my credit info (which I never requested them to do). Luckily my address was incorrect which is why they couldn’t get my info. Now I wonder what to do. After checking this site, it looks like I’ll need to do this on my own. Again, the government agencies like the VA are the least secure of any company. You’d think they’d check the reputation of Privacy guard before referring us to them.

  21. I just called today to cancel TLG*PRVGRD, you have to call between m-f 9-5, the customer service number is 1-800-374-8273, You’re credit card company, (Chase), will give u the customer id/member number that you have with them. They told me i got signed up when i actiated my credit card, they tell u get a month free, then u have to cancel, but i guess most people don’t. It is one of those things u have to make sure u tell em ur not interested in i guess. Good luck on gettin any money back, but they will credit last payment.


  22. I noticed this charge on my Chase statement today as I was making my last payment to paying the card off. I haven’t used it in months since I wanted to get out of debt and I noticed a purchase that I couldn’t recognize, come to find out it was Privacy Guard. I just canceled with them today. I was extremely put off by the way the rep at Privacy Guard tried to tell me that I spoke to someone to activate the account and he has record of it. When I told him to prove it he then tried to assure me that the service would work and he would send me some material to review and sign and he would keep the account open. I replied with a stern NO and he again tried to sell me, because I read this blog first I knew he would tr twice before he would agree to cancel it. Again I replied with a clear message of no I do not want this service, I am not interested, please remove me from this account and he gave me my confirmation number. The funny thing is I could have sworn I canceled this service a long time ago, now I’ll just cross m fingers and hope it is not there next month. Stay away from this company at all costs to anyone that may not be aware. If there is some kind of large class action suit being put together, I WANT IN!!!

  23. I was also contacted by the VA indicating that my personal information had been compromised. I was put in touch with PG. About 2 months later I received a notice that they couldn’t access my credit information for some reason. After reading everyone else’s comments, I think I’ll just try to cut my losses with this company and cancel


  24. I fell prey to this too! It’s a scam!!!! I’ve been charged several years for it…what a joke & I never sign up for this stuff but it was through my cc…so I thought, OK. Well – I got the same run around by phone call. I am disputing the current charge & changing my cc #!!!

  25. My wife is getting charged $99.99 every year, by Privacy Guard, on her Chase credit card, apparently based on her decision from 5 years ago to accept some promotional material that she can “easily” cancel any time. Truth be told, we don’t even remember that and were apparently very naive at the time. It’s been going on for 5 years. Maybe we wouldn’t even notice this charge, but our balance on this card is zero, so we notice. Every year year she cancels the service, after approximately 5 hours and dozen phone calls between Chase and Privacy Guard. Chase claims that they have nothing to do with it and when you call Privacy Guard, after enduring nightmare of robo-voices, they promise you that they will cancel it, they give you cancelation number, but they don’t cancel it. Next month, when Chase charges you late fee, same story happens again. They do not cancel your service, when you confront them with cancellation number they apologize and promise you that they will cancel. They may or may not cancel. You have to pay at least minimum amount to your credit card for as long as this process takes place, usually 3-4 months. Privacy Guard is to be avoided by all costs. The ONLY way to stop this is to close your account and this is what we will do as soon as we see that our balance is $0.00 again. Chase always says that they have nothing to do with this. If you do not close your account you will be billed again next year.

  26. Re: Privacyguard. looks like there’s a class action? Here’s the url:

  27. I tried to cancel and was told there is no confirmation/ cancellation #, so I asked to talk to a supervisor who was able to give me a cancellation # . Keep that in mind when you call them

  28. I called Wells Fargo today and asked for contact information in order cancel the Privacy Guard service. The number Wells Fargo gave me is (800)374-8273. It was quick and painless. Be sure to write down the cancellation code they provide in case it doesn’t get cancelled. Now I just have to wait.

  29. It is incredibile how the very first post from D. Weinberger from nearly a year ago is EXACTLY what happened to me, trying to cancel this thing last night. They’ve never done ANY of the things they advertise, and being automatically re-billed I’d keep forgetting about it. That’s the first hallmark of a bad company: automatically re-enrolling you instead of giving their customer an option, and then making it purposely impossible (“due to high number of calls” still? A YEAR LATER?) to get out of it. I assumed they were on the up-and-up because the original solication was via my bank, which has always been excellent. But PrivacyGuard, just by how they even answer their phones AMBIGUOUSLY, what a bunch of crooks. Thanks for 888 number. Though the cheerful young woman on the other end, when she gave me the hours to call when their Membership department is open, and I asked, OK, which time zone is that? She didn’t know. I had to ask her, OK, what time is it there. 9:30. Oh, East Coast. Thanks. Yikes.

  30. OK, Finally after 2 years, I was able to cancel my TLG*PRIVGRD. I spoke to a nice gentleman who cancelled my plan for $11.99. He gave me a CONFIRMATION number. Make sure you get it. He was very nice and helpful.

  31. Chase card signed me up for privacy guard. I’m trying to get refunds for (at least) 19 months that they billed me. I’m getting a runaround between Chase and Privacy Guard. Apparently Chase signed me up, they deny that. It’s a complete scam. Do NOT sign up for this.

  32. Ahaha!! I found your post entertaining in that I also went through the same hassles.

    I did sign up for PrivacyGuard knowingly though, to get a rebate for a USB drive (that never came, so I was doubly shafted). I had been too lazy to cancel, so I’ve been paying $12.99 every month for this “service” since last December, or quite possibly, even before that!

    I finally called today and canceled. I got a cancellation confirmation number, so who knows! If I see their charge again next month, I’ll call Chase and complain, and pass along that info to the class action lawyers.

    Being an internet professional, I knew this thing was a scam when I signed up — a scam to trick less tech savvy people into paying for vaporware — a non-existent product. PrivacyGuard is absolutely USELESS — I still get junk mail as before, and there’s a National Do Not Call Phone registry run by the US government that you can register with to stop telemarketers, so why give PrivacyGuard free money? The Do Not Call website is:

    These Triligent guys are scum. They offer other promotional garbage “discount” plans like Shopper’s Advantage, which I also had to call today. Shopper’s Advantage came as a result of a Chase bank promo: $8 free check for trying them, or something like that. I canceled after my membership package came, months and months ago, but I got a letter in the mail just a few days ago saying they would renew my $129.99 annual fee if I didn’t call them before the deadline. Scumbags.

    This one, I KNOW I canceled, so the lawyers are getting more fuel for their case.

  33. WoW what a bunch of slimeballs.

    I took down my virus protection last night to do some file transfers on the local network and forgot to bring it back up.

    Later I downloaded a video codec that didnt work.

    Shortly therafter Privacy guard starts spamming me that my system has been infected by a trojan and I mean spamming, window after window requesting me to download their software. This of course is a double suprise to me because I had never heard of privacy guard…

    I go to desk top and find that my wallpaper has been replaced by a big red sign saying that im infected and there are now 3 new icons on my desktop (I keep my desktop pristeen) all privacy guard related.

    I brought up my virus protection again (Avast) and sure enough The codec I downloaded was infected.
    I never EVER downloaded or installed PG software and I keep tabs on whats running in the back ground.

    The only explination is that the low lifes installed their trash via the trojan and then raised the alarm about the very trojan they used to get in.

    Can you say fraud?

    If I find any trace of a charge anywhere im signing up for that class action suit.

  34. Alright. I’ve read everything that has been posted on this blog. I’ll give my 2 cents in. First off I’m 19, living on my own, paying all my bills and putting myself through collage. Keep this in mind. I currently work for Privacy Guard in the retention sales. So basically when you call in to get your service cancelled and whine and complain I have to deal with it….everyday. It sucks and its awful. But the job pays my bills and is extremely flexible with my school schedule which is very important and its easy.

    Now a little about the service that so many don’t belive they authorized. I’m not defending the company, yes its shady how it works but I also have to deal with the bad end of the situation on the phone. Most every account gets activated when a phone call is placed (that means YOU called the bank or whatever) mostly to banks (Chase, BOA, Citizens, ex..) and through their automated system they offered you the service, probably a free month trial and that is how you got enrolled. You hitting that number key to hear about the service or more commonly just hitting random keys to get the thing to shut up gave it authorization. You DO NOT have to speak to a live person, as I said hitting the wrong key can cause this to happen. Now within two weeks of this happening you will get a big envelope with a bunch of stuff in it. Junk mail you think and in the trash it goes. Perhaps you should have read that junk mail. Again I’m not defending the company I don’t want to get crap online when trying to help you all out, trust me I get enough on the phones daily. The service is kinda cool if you actually activate it. The service won’t be activated until a credit report is viewed, but if you threw out that envelope that was out of the question already. So thinking the charges are unauthorized is wrong. You just didn’t realized you signed up for it and the things sent to you was viewed as junk mail. There is proof of enrollment for every account. JUST ASK! When you take this issue into the bank branch the tellers won’t know what it is because it was done behind the scenes. Its true, they have no idea.

    As the rep who posted on 06/20/2007 stated. We get bonus for getting you to keep the service. This is why when you call in to cancel it seems impossible because there are certain things we have to meet in order to get this bonus and yes it does range from $50 to $2,000 which can be awesome. Most of us that you end up talking to on the phones are in collage and any extra money is always needed. Sure you’re probably thinking now, find a new job. There is nothing wrong with this job, its a decent job for my age, good hours and good pay.

    My advice for you calling in to cancel. Listen to what we have to say, don’t argue with us because we sure as hell don’t want to argue with you and really don’t want to hear about how this ruined your life or whatever. Yes it sucks you got over drafted on the account and your wife divorced you because of this and your dog died and whatever. We understand, really we do. Just don’t repeat the same thing over and over again. We did in fact hear you the first time and really are just trying to get you off the phone as much as you want out of the service. If you have a crazy uncommon last name don’t get angry when we ask you to spell it multiple times. Talk to your parents about that one. Be patient, listen to our two rebuttals and just deal with it. Screaming, threatening, interrupting and everything in the like isn’t going to help you out. That just pissed us off and if you really want your service cancelled I would be on the nice side. If you hostile to us, just like anybody you would encounter in daily activity, we’re going to be hostile back. and DO NOT EVER I repeat DO NOT go as far as personal belittling such as calling us uneducated, stupid, various cuss names and personally attacking us that will only casue hell and you will get hung up on. We don’t want to talk to you as much as you don’t want to talk to us. Keep in mind we’re just doing our job and for the both of us to make things easier do not make it a battle. We do not care if your going to call a lawyer, the news, write a paper ex…So don’t even talk about it. If you want to get anywhere ask for a supervisor. I do have to say thank you to Melissa (03/03/2007) for finally putting herself in our seats.

    One last thing. WRITE DOWN YOUR CANCEL CODE AND KEEP IT! (Trust me on this one)

    Well I hope you’ll all consider what I’ve written and try to view it from my point. Talk to you all Monday.

  35. I got something in the mail in June (I think) about this and remember signing up for a “free” month, which due to my work schedule I was never really able to use. Then all of a sudden my checking account was being hit for $12.99. Fortunately I only got hit for 2 months worth. While I am sure I signed up for something, I know for a fact that I did not authorize this debit from my account – it’s just not something that I do. So, I went on line to find out more about the company and found this blog – which of course made me more leery than ever. When I called the 888 number, they told me I had to call the membership number – 877-202-8828 – which I did and spoke to a very nice woman named Erica. She was trying to give me the hard sell, but I was very firm with her and told her I was uncomfortable continuing with the service because I know I did not authorize the debit and told her I wanted to cancel. She finally gave up on me and gave me a cancellation number, so I will cross my fingers. I am also going to write a letter to my bank, through whom I first received the solicitation, and send them a copy of these exerpts from the blog because I think they should know what is going on with this company.

  36. I was also charged without signing any documentation for this service. I did know that such a thing was legal. Anyway, I called them and demanded that they cancel the service, I was told “they would keep the account open so I could check my credit scores”. I had to demand they cancel the account four times before the woman relented and gave me my cancellation number.

    Once this charge is resolved I am saying goodbye to chase…no need to use them if they work with companies like this.

  37. READ CAREFULLY. It seems we have two subjects going here. Privacy guard associated with credit cards and a virus with the same name. Note Darin Barnes Oct 12/07. Re the first, I never subscribe to credit card protection. It’s totally useless. Re: the virus. I too am stuck with the red desktop, and Avast recognizes it, but it keeps coming back! I’m sure I picked it up on I mis-typed my own URL and hit I don’t blame them and it has been reported. Mine is stewdeeo (as in s-t-u-d-i-o) Anyone know what works to get rid of it? Email me. [email protected] Thanks and good luck with solving the other problems. Credit cars suck!

  38. Kudos to “Privacy Guard Rep” for the info! I signed up for it, checked out my credit score (lower than I thought it would be /cry) but interesting nonetheless, then called to cancel the account. The number you call to cancel your account is 1-800-374-8273 and your account number is on your account history: it’s the 8 digits immediately following the TLC*PRIVGRD.

    Some random info, a couple years ago it was $10.99 per month, then went to $11.99, and now (as of Jan. 2008) it is $12.99 per month.

    When you call, the rep will indeed try and convince you to stay by 1. recommending you go to their website and check out your credit score (which I recommend too) and 2. reminding you that they monitor not only your one account that you’re being charged but all accounts open in your name (which is true). Just be nice, thank them for monitoring your account, and politely request that your account be canceled. They will cancel it.

    I am not an employee in case you are wondering, I’m just a guy who signed up for this and read all the fine print. Hope this info helps!

  39. if I findout at regions
    bank tommorow that they
    have been stealing my money from my account without me realizeing and knowing will
    be televized in the next
    couple days on channel 2 nashville on that’s messed up with AndyCordan and then will
    withdraw ALL my money from there for letting it happen!

  40. I just paid for, downloaded and installed Privacy Guard Sunday night. It didn’t work and all the stuff they prided didn’t work, so I uninstalled it, rebooted and then reinstalled it again

    DIDN’T DO ANYTHING EXCEPT slowed down my connection to the web (have cable broadband) and STILL would not let me connect to anything including get my e-mail.

    E-Mailed them twice telling them their software was junk and wanted my money back

    This morning, they sent me 2 e-mails telling me they refunded my money and if I wanted to use it again, I would have to reorder it and pay for it again

    I will check my online bank account tomorrow and see what is up with that, since it usually takes a couple of days for orders to process over the web AND I still have those e-mails.

    What a piece of garbage The Privacy Guard is, which is what I searched for and found this blog.


  41. I called this number 1-888-883-6303 (option 2) and spoke to a very polite young man who assured me that he would cancel my account with PrivGrd. However he insisted on explaining what the service does, and I had to say No three times when he insisted on keeping my account open. I think it’s canceled. I have his name and a confirmation number. I hope it works.

  42. yes you are all correct it is a very big scam, endorsed by the v.a. to keep us off their backs for a 2-year
    stretch, now the same ohhh same ohhh as usual
    it is a shame and i get were unable to handle your calls also, another did you notice that they have control of your p.c. , because i had them locked in on multiple channels on my net and guess what all the p-guards
    have vanished and you cant even get them on the net anymore,i am sure this was a v.a. scam just like the
    lost and burned medical records scam remember still
    in affect, this is big brother i spy on yuo in effect think about, really think about it, they could pass the phone tap, so thay did the net tap, by way of this program,
    any thing your phone is connected to can be tapped without yo ever knowing unless you keep track of all data and diturbances,, big brother i spy on the loose

  43. My statement for my Chase credit card came this week and I saw a $99.99 charge on there from TLG Privacy Guard. Neither my wife or I ever remember giving any information out to this group. I did a quick search on the web for this company and saw all the scams and what they supposedly do, so I then called them up.

    I had to be transferred once in order to cancel it, and they did try and give me offers, but he was cordial and gave me a cancellation. I asked him how this even came about and it was through a purchase at Staples in May. When I clicked on a free gift certificate link after I made my purchase I was automatically enrolled even though I didn’t fill out any information on the offer (I think I remember seeing the gift certificate is if you enroll in something for a free month-trial, but I clicked out of it). So, be absolutely careful. Apparently Staples handed over all my cc information just by clicking on the link, so forget that now.

    I was told I would get reimbursed within 10-15 business days, so we’ll see if it all comes back. I didn’t experience the extreme frustration I heard from others. The company was polite to me and wanted to offer me these products, but I simply said ‘no thanks,’ and finished the call. I need to be careful in reading the fine print of offers, even if I just want more information…

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  45. The $99.99 charge was reversed on my Chase credit card yesterday. I am pleased it happened so quick. However, I am not so pleased I had to go through the hassle. Watch the pop-up offers…Obviously if something is too good to be true, it probably is.

  46. how stupid you all sound . Wah wah wah bunch of babies. Stop signing up for stuff. Remember when you were a kid? What was your fav word? No. Use it. Morons. O and by the way Read. If you can’t ask someone to help. Your not a little kid any more no one is going to read everything to your. This is the real world not a bed time story.

  47. You obviously work for Privacy Guard…I’d be ashamed to work for such a crooked company.

  48. Just canceled a Privacy Guard membership myself, wasn’t hard but make sure you’ve got your pen handy ’round the rep’s third attempt to keep you on the service…

    My rep rattled off my confirmation # in one breath then hung up immediately, tricky devil. I got it down though.

  49. I too have been victimzed by Privacy guard and am writing my state’s attorney general and need the mailing address of Privacy Guard. I plan to ask my credit union for help. Thanks for your information.

  50. I too have been victimzed by Privacy guard and am writing to my state’s attorney general and need the mailing address of Privacy Guard. I plan to ask my credit union for help. Thanks for your information.

  51. We received our new CC statement today. On it is a charge from TLG, a company of which we had no previous knowledge for a service we have not asked for and do not require.

    Some excellent advice has been posted here. We will pursue these avenues and report back.

    Thank you to all who have made positive contributions.

    As for the others, well, you can fill in the blanks for yourself. I suppose the children have to play somewhere.

    Power to the People!

  52. I have just found another site with references to TLG* etc. It contains some new and helpful information.

    Good luck to all the scammed and conned that have fallen victim to this cybercrime.


  53. I have also had problems with this company for years. I can’t even get to a person to cancel this account. My e-mails are ignored, there is no address to write to, and since I no longer live in the U.S. I can not call the 1-800 numbers. I have been trying to cancel my account for years. My bank is no help, they tell me there is nothing they can do. I have contacted the FTC, and now I guess I just have to keep writting letters or cancel my bank accoun that I have had for 30 years.

    If anyone knows of a number that can be called from Europe, please let me know.

    Thanks, and good luck to everyone else who is still trying.

  54. To remove the annoying splash screen and fake warning messages, the only tactic I have found successful is a system restore to a point before your computer was infected.

    For XP: Reboot your computer, immediately go to Programs/accessories/system tools/system restore. Choose a date that you are sure is before this program installed itself. Click yes.

    Your computer will reboot and the program should be gone.

    Yes, you will lose documents created after whatever date you choose, but you can’t get anything done while this rip off program is blocking your view all the time. You will not lose other programs installed before the virus.

    Now, download “CleanUp” from and run it to remove ALL the temp files and other trash on you computer. Give him a donation, if you can, for this great service.

    Truly free credit reports are available at .

    Be careful out there, it’s a jungle.

  55. ok, so the website did not show up…

    CleanUp is at www. leave out the spaces

    Reports at www.

  56. I signed up for Privacy Guard, they promised me a free credit report and a $50 gas card. I called to cancel. They told me that I would receive a gas card before I was ever billed again. They also told me that they could not retrieve my credit report. I never received either one. I called to cancel and they said I was cancelled. The next month I was billed again, when I called again, I got Hot-Line, I never even heard of Hot-Line. Now I find that they are both Affinion. If I am billed by either one again, I am taking all of my money out of U.S. Bank immediately.

  57. The fraud protection department at Capital One called me about this charge. I had been getting checks from Privacy Guard for weeks. They clearly said that if I cashed the check, I’d be subscribing, so I shredded them.

    But somehow I got signed up anyway. I think maybe someone stole the pretty obvious piece of mail and cashed it for a quick $10.

    Capital One gave me a different number to call from the one on the charge: 800-734-0199. The person I spoke to did keep trying to keep me on the service, then offered to cancel and refund the balance. After I insisted I wanted a full refund, he spoke to a supervisor and said they would.

  58. got a call months ago through my catalogue privacy guard said no thanks nice girl says take free trial any way might as well if you dont want it no prob received pack forgot about it months later statement for £79.99 tried to cancel not having any of it several phone3 calls later still no better off left now in my catalogues hands i refuse to pay this con artists privacy guard are fraudsters beware

  59. Very informative, actually, I really enjoy my reading and the insight from everyone who participates.
    I find it to be refreshing.
    I bookmarked it and will be back time to time.

  60. I have nothing to do with Chase anything. How did they get my card number?

  61. I noticed the privacy guard charge on my caital one card. I called privacy guard to cancel. They said I was given a 30 day trial in 2001, but I failed to cancel so it automatically renewed at $59.99/year. I was unaware of this, and didn’t pay that close attention to the charge on my statement for years. I probably thought it was some annual fee for the credit card. After pulling teeth & a long time on the phone they said they would cancel my acct, gave me a conf. # and said they would have my credit card credited for $59.99 (the yearly cost). They said I had been charged every year since 2001
    But after reading how sneaky this company, I decided to call capital one. I asked Capital one fraud department to make sure to stop payment to this company anytime they made a charge on my credit card. They told me that “Privacy Guard” is a business partner “Capital One” and that it was a legitmate charge and they would not block it if it happened again.

    So i was told “PRIVACY GUARD IS A BUSINESS PARTNER WITH CAPITAL ONE”. After all the research online that says Privacy Guard is a scam, I suggest people reconsider getting a credit card with capital one because of the way they partner with known scam artists.

  62. looks like we are a victim of the Staples fraud. Highway robbery. As soon as we are cancelled, Staples is also getting a piece of my mind

  63. It’s a long time coming, but maybe some happy endings are finally happening here. I’d long ago forgotten all about Privacy Guard and their poor service and put it all behind me. Then just this week comes a refund check from them for over $150 attached to a letter describing how I “did not receive all the benefits” of their service. Just in time to make Christmas a little merrier. Hope many others out there are similarly getting some “found money” this season.

  64. Got some emails suddenly about privacy guard. I never signed up and cant place how I was signed up for their service. They told me I was signed up by or one of its affiliates somehow and proceeded to try and sell me their product.

    I asked them for the IP address recorded during my “registration”. They changed their tune IMMEDIATELY and offered to cancel and stopped selling me the product. They put a new person on the phone who told me they did not have access to the IP address, and they didn’t even know what it was. Mind you they kept telling me my credit card info may have been compromised, blah, blah. This leads me to believe that they are actually involved in FRAUD. An IP address is always recorded when registrering online up especially when sensitive personal information is recorded. If the IP is in Africa and you are in the US this is a huge red flag. Most CC companies monitor this information for fraud attempts. The fact that privacy guard changed their behavior when I asked for this leads me to believe they are involved in registering people on purpose without their consent.

    Perhaps some lawyers could beat this info out of them and prove they are actually committing criminal fraud?

    FYI, Try asking for the IP address recorded during the registration process…. they seem to be afraid of this question. Hopefully they offer to cancel your “account”

  65. Received a refund check this month from PrivacyGuard for $206! When I called to ask about it, I was told they showed an enrollment date for my account of 11/7/96 and a cancellation date of 2/23/04! Since that was almost 9 years ago, I only vaguely recall the sordid details, but I cashed the check this morning and am trying to decide what to do with my Christmas surprise. Hope the rest of you get one soon as well!

  66. I received an email from PrivacyGuard a day ago congratulating me for signing up for their services. I was absolutely startled considering this is a credit monitoring service, how did they get my information to sign me in the first place. I emailed them back telling them that this is not me and that I would like to take action against this because identity theft is no joke.

    They replied today saying that someone signed me up using my SS#, email, credit card number and under the name “Cara Childress.” They did cancel my account, but I am still worried about my credit, so I will apply for a credit report when I get home from work today.

    This is so worrisome. Ridiculous.

  67. I signed up for Privacy Guard several years ago and have found it well worth the price. I check into the account regularly and see my credit score (very good) and keep track of all accounts posted. In the beginning I found I still had some accounts open that I had not used for years and was able to cancel them. I receive regular notices that no new accounts have been opened and a notice if anyone made an inquiry of my credit history. Last year I received a membership card from Pay-Pal. When I called Pay-Pal they said it was pre-approved and that I owed a balance of over $1100.00. I called Privacy Guard immediately among others to report the problem. Their representative was very helpful in getting in touch with the
    credit agencies and starting an inquiry. She also gave me a number to call to prevent any company from starting an account without my requesting it. The credit monitoring companies investigated and had the charge revoked and cleared from my accounts. My local police fraud division did absolutely nothing, not even assign a case number since it wasn’t a local business. My one complaint is that their site will not accept my log-in without cookies turned on. I am sure that they sell info about me to other companies, as this is a common practice with most companies in the United States. All you have to do is read what should be called No Privacy statements from any bank or credit company. This practice can only be stopped by changing our laws and to do this you should write to your representatives or the consumer protection agency in Washington and for God’s sake stop electing representatives that are in the pocket of big businesses. Please also try to keep your temper (I know how hard this can be). Swear words and name calling are counterproductive.

  68. i just cancelled it my problem was i am looking for a job and I got scammed into getting this service ,In the middle of the application it said you will be getting a company credit card we need to run a credit check so me being desprate for a job sighned up then I found out it was a fraud property management company named IDU PROPERTY MANAGEMENT I found them on craigs list I just called the 1800 number cancelled got comformation number hope I am not scammed to bad

  69. […] […]

  70. I signed up for a 14 day free trial, and when I reached your site I saw incorrect information on all 3 credit reports as I had my current Experian, Equifax and Transunion in hand to compare notes and rate different credit reporting sites for my newest Blog. I wrote the following letter to cancel along with letters received from Privacy Guard.
    1st letter I received after canceling on your web site
    Thank you for your message. We have received your e-mail and assigned the following correspondence number 20150233. Please reference this number in any future correspondence regarding this message
    My Initial email to your company

    Original Message Follows: ————————

    I signed up for a 14 day free trial , and was disappointed to see that your information in your credit report for me was inaccurate as I have current Equifax, Experian, and Transunion in front of me. I signed up last night and would like to cancel this 14 free trial and would like an email with a confirmation number
    so I can be assured that I will not receive any charges from this on my credit card. I appreciate you taking the time to resolve this, please send this to my email so I do not have to contact my credit card company to dispute any charges
    my email is [email protected]

    Thank you. Michael Evan Mann May 23, 2013
    Privacy Guard responds to this letter appropriately
    And states in this letter I will not be charged unless this letter is a Gaff somehow implying I am being charged now but to prevent future billing

    Dear Michael Mann,
    Thank you for taking the time to email us at Privacy Guard.
    Please be advised your membership # 72021462 was cancelled on 05/23/2013. Your cancellation number is CT3377705232013. This will eliminate any future billing Due to the time required to customize and send out your membership materials upon enrollment into Privacy Guard, you may still receive those materials, even though you have just cancelled your service.
    Thank you for trying Privacy Guard, and if you would like to become a member in the future, please do not hesitate to call or visit our web site.

    Thank you,

    Ellen, Your Privacy Guard Representative.

    This email is to confirm that your Privacy Guard membership has been cancelled. Please note that you will continue to have access to your benefits until the end of your paid term on 7/4/2013.This 14 day free trial within less than 5 hours after signing up for this so called free trial… I will enclose the Letter I sent and the response I received back. If your company thinks I am going to be charged till July 4. 2013. I got news for you; this is the wrong guy to screw with. I got plenty of time to invest in calling my bank and reporting your company as committing fraud,
    Then contact your Attorney General Connecticut, George Jepson and the Better Business Bureau, and I happen to be a Blogger with an audience of over Three hundred thousand people who read my blogs on a daily basis, and the Cherry on top will be I will sue you into next week. You have till tomorrow 11 am to respond otherwise I will assume you intentions are not resolving this as a responsible business. Then I will take the appropriate actions to dispute this and go after your company. Then you will have to worry about guarding your own Privacy. Because by the time I am done the word on your company will be more than just out on the street but even worse all over the web. DO THE RIGHT THING.
    It appears your company has a long history of Fraud, to think I am from Connecticut not too far from Stamford, so my neighbors are crooks.
    The following describes a pending government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet been resolved. We are providing a summary of the government’s allegations, which have not yet been proven.
    On December 31, 2010, the South Carolina Attorney General filed a First Amended Complaint against Affinion, Inc. and its subsidiary Trilegiant.
    The Complaint alleges violations of the South Carolina Unfair Trade Practices Act (SCUTPA) including, but not limited to: using aggressive sales tactics to enroll South Carolina consumers in unwanted membership clubs; misrepresenting and concealing material facts and/or failing to inform South Carolina consumers about the “memberships” when such facts were well known to, or readily ascertainable by, Defendants; charging hundreds of thousands South Carolina consumers for services the consumers do not use and are unaware they have purchased; initiating electronic fund transfers from South Carolina consumers’ credit, debit or other accounts for the purpose of enrolling them into Defendants’ “membership” programs without first obtaining a valid authorization for such transfer; unlawfully, unfairly and deceptively marketing and selling illusory “membership” programs in South Carolina; and, creating barriers designed to impede Sough Carolina consumers from canceling “memberships” or receiving refunds.

    The Complaint seeks: a $5,000 SCUTPA civil penalty for each method, act or practice deemed to violation SCUTPA; an Order enjoining Defendants from engaging in such prohibited conduct and restitution.
    The Complaint is currently pending.
    The following describes a government action that has been resolved by either a settlement or a decision by a court or administrative agency. If the matter is being appealed, it will be noted below.
    On October 4, 2010, Affinion Group and its subsidiary Trilegiant (Affinion/Trilegiant) entered into an Amended and Restated Assurance of Discontinuance with the New York Attorney General.
    According to the settlement, Affinion/Trilegiant must fully refund fees charged to consumers who unknowingly enrolled in or authorized billing for Affinion/Trilegiant discount clubs and programs; permanently end its practice of marketing discount clubs and programs by mailing checks to New Yorkers; permanently end its practice of obtaining consumers’ billing information from online partner retailers; reform its online marketing practices to ensure consumers understand they are enrolling in a program offered by Affinion/Trilegiant for which they will be billed; and, make redemption forms for rebates immediately available online to consumers. In addition, Affinion/Trilegiant must establish a five million dollar fund to provide restitution to consumers, and must pay an additional three million dollars in penalties and fees.
    For details of the action, consumers may contact the New York Attorney General’s Office at 1-800-771-7755.

  71. I stumbled onto this blog and felt I had to comment, so listen up. I joined Privacy Guard 2 years ago through a offer my bank (US bank) made via mail. The offer was very clear in telling me that a service is being offered that provides access to my consumer credit reports and CreditXpert scores even being clear to tell me everyone gets free yearly reports at It was clear that PG was to monitor my credit reports and that was what the fee was for, and of course there is a fee of $12.99/month for the service. I went to the website and enrolled into a 30 day free trial (actually was 45 days) and was pleased with how easy it was and there was none of this “deception” so many of you are claiming. I have tried many credit monitoring services, namely “LifeLock”, and IMO PrivacyGuard is the best for the money. As for all the complaints and litigation brought against this company all I can say is that it says A LOT about the state of American society. Some business’s use TV/radio ads to market (LifeLocock is notorious for Todd parading around his SS # that was used 3 different times, that, and lawsuits from the 3 credit bureaus against LifeLock stopped that) and some companies use mail and phone. when you use free offers to try something you will get many consumers who only want the freebie and nothing else. All I see is a bunch of people who were offered something they had no intention of keeping, didn’t pay attention to their billing statements, and now all of a sudden Privacy Guard is the bad guy. The state AG’s who bring these suits are like a big extortion racket, if you look up the cases they go like this: AG-we believe you are tricking people into your programs. PG-No, we can show you that we do everything above board and try to be as clear as we can. AG-well many people say you don’t, so that is good enough for us. We are suing you. PG-we would like to have a amicable solution to this so what do you propose? AG-well, of course give the people back their money which will be a few hundred thousand dollars, but pay us a few million and we will go away. PG-well, that is the law so we will comply. I call that legal extortion. Companies know it is far more costly to defend against this type of litigation so they choose to just settle to save money, but it makes them look guilty. I feel this is one of those companies who, because they approach people to enroll, they just get people who have no intent to use a good service and only want to take them for a “freebie”, then when they forget to cancel, it’s Privacy Guard who all of a sudden is the scam-er. Again that says a lot about our “I am a victim all the time” society.

  72. Not sure what happened to PrivacyGuard. I had been a member for over 20 years and about 2 years ago they simply stopped providing me my credit reports and updates, but continued to charge me $130/yr. I wrote, called, emailed about every six months trying to either get my credit report or have the service cancelled. Finally I found someone there late at night that actually cancelled the service for me. But alas 2 years of wondering what if going on with my credit report and $260 are gone. I’m going to try LifeLock.

  73. I received a refund check from PrivacyGuard because I ‘did not receive all the benefits…’. I called and all I got was I had the service from 1998 to 2010 and they were giving me a full refund. I asked if this was part of some class action suite, but they acted like they didn’t know anything. I’m taking the check to the bank tomorrow to see if it’s legit.

  74. I also received a refund check from PrivacyGuard. I could not get through based on the number provided with the cover letter to the check, but did get through to a number I got from their web page. My situation is the same as the previous Bill. I didn’t even remember who they were, because I agreed to their services through a special offer from the Visa card I had in around 1998, but I never activated the service. The end result is that I paid for something I never received. My Bank says the check is good. You have to suspect class action suit, but I did not find anything.

  75. I just got my check too. I googled and found this link which explains it.

  76. Also received a check. Rather stunned if it is real. I thank those who posted that they have received these checks and have verified that they are legit.

  77. I’m 18 with a baby boy and I’m on benefits as I’m unable to work due to medical issues.
    So the only money I get goes to my son and a bit of food for me when I am satisfied my son has got enough food and nappies in.

    So I went to the bank a few months ago when I should of been paid and had nothing in my bank, scared and upset I borrowed off my family. For 3 months now this “privacy guard” have been taking just over £100 pound a month out of my bank. So I rang them and demanded an explanation telling them that I never signed up or even put my name down for them, there reply was “you must of been drunk when you signed up we have all your details here” in anger I cried down the phone “your taking the only money I’m getting for my child which by the way is child tax which no-one is allowed to take out of my bank” it went quiet and they cut off, I have wrote to them since and this morning I got a letter saying I owe £400 and if don’t pay it within a month they are sending baylifts round…

    Who the f**k do they think they are? Taking a childs money and money of people that haven’t even signed up??

    Word of warning to those thinking about signing up please don’t as they rob you off every penny they can!

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