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Amazon’s product wiki

RageBoy stumbled on Amazon’s Amapedia, a wiki for the products you like. It uses what Amazon is calling “collaborative structured tagging.” Click on, say, “cameras” in the tag cloud and you can walk through a camera hierarchy until you get to a particular model. There you can do a product write-up or record your opinion, personal experiences, etc.

Pretty damn cool. [Tags: ]

3 Responses to “Amazon’s product wiki”

  1. But only editable by US Amazon customers.

    “Our records indicate that you have never purchased anything from Amazon in the United States. We require such a purchase to edit articles on Amapedia in order to prevent fraud. Please use the form below to notify the Amapedia administrators if you think this is in error.”

    I told them this sucks. I’m waiting to hear back.

  2. Why should anyone be able to edit the wiki? Unless there is some way if verifying the poster actually has the product, this could become a forum for product shills or for hatchet jobs against certain companies.

    By only allowing purchasers of the item reviewed, this is controlled. However, the screening is inadequate. I just reviewed a book (I’m a veteran Amazon customer.) which I did NOT purchase from them. My being a customer doesn’t preclude my having an ax to grind.

    I gotta go review some Microsoft products . . .

  3. Charlie – sorry it wasn’t clear, but as a Brit, the axe (sic) I have to grind is not with having to be a customer but with having to be an *American* customer.

    And btw I haven’t heard back yet.

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