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AlwaysOn OnMedia has a series of short pitches by new companies. I came in on, which plays a clip of your choice when you ring someone. The Vringo guy shows a clip of the people dancing to “Shout” in “The Wedding Crashers” and of the “Whaaaaaatzup?” Bud commercial. It thus seems to be an attempt to make cellphones even more annoying.

Voodoo Vox “is pioneering a breakthrough advertising channel: In-call advertising.” [Uh-oh] They have a clickthrough rate of 14%. “Monetizing phone calls for a diverse network of high call volume industries”: Radio/TV stations, directory asistance, call centers, VOIP telcos, etc. Their site says they create “interactive audio ads dynamically inserted into appropriate spots in various types of telephone calls.” [What exactly is an appropriate spot in a call to insert an ad? I’d say it’s 5 seconds after I’ve hung up.] Their ads auto-target particular demographics. He concludes: “If you have a phone call, I can monetize today.” (Surprisingly, the firm is in North Adams, Mass., home of Ethan Zuckermans ’round the world.)

Now a panel reviews the presentations. [Tags: ]

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  1. Re: Voodoo Vox – I’m an investor and a former board member. It’s quite cool stuff – it was developed to help radio stations do a better job of handling incoming calls, and now they’re looking at in-0call advertising as a way to defray call costs and turn calls into a revenue stream. And while I agree with you on the desirability of in-call advertising, I can think of 20-minute long hold times that might have been marginally improved with the choice of listening to an ad instead of to endlessly repeating muzak and assurances that my call is very important…

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