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Pew: 28% of Net users tag

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has just released a report by Lee Rainie that finds:

28% of internet users have tagged or categorized content online such as photos, news stories or blog posts. On a typical day online, 7% of internet users say they tag or categorize online content.

Since the last figure I saw (and of course I don’t remember where I saw it) was that 0.5% of Net users have used tags, this is a spectacular finding. The wording of the question was “”Please tell me if you ever use the internet to categorize or tag online content like a photo, news story, or a blog post,” so it includes more than people who have set up an account at and are hard-core taggers. Still, it’s a spectacular finding.

Lee generously includes in the report an interview with me about tagging. Thanks, Lee! [Tags: ]

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