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Blogging for Huffington Post

I’m starting to blog for the HuffingtonPost. It’s way cool to be a reader of something and then get to write for it. Maybe I’m supposed to be blasé about it, but I’m totally not.

The piece is an appreciation of Elizabeth Edwards’ understanding of the Internet, but it’s really just a way to say that I love her. I’ve never met her, but I sure feel like I know her through her book and blogging. I am so sad today.

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7 Responses to “Blogging for Huffington Post”

  1. Dear David, I was just reading your blog on Huffinton and a call came in from the Al Frankin campaign which I was so glad to support. I only mention that because it was kind of a convergence of good Dem things on a very sad day. Your column was wonderful and I’m sure represented the heartfelt thoughts of so many people. The words grace and courage have been used so often today and used accurately. But this couple and this lady have given Americans a picture of what a model first lady could be but more than that what a model human being is. Thank you for your words and work for their campaign and for your enlightened words about the internet and computer related issues. You make me want to learn so much more — but thank you especially for pointing out the significance of the human connection with the internet especially today giving so many people a means to express their hopeful thoughts and feelings for Elizabeth, John and their family.
    Sincerely, Helen (San Rafael (Marin County) CA

  2. Thank you, Helen. Your comment means a lot to me.

    There are people who touch you all out of proportion, but that just reminds you that its our everyday indifference that is truly out of proportion.

  3. David, this is great news. I drop by HuffPo usually once a day. You will be a valuable addition and voice.

    I have long been a fan of Elizabeth Edwards. If I do end up in the Edwards camp, it will be because of her. There is really something very very special about her. I am not that reachable, yet she reached me the first time I heard her speak.

    John is lucky to have her, and as a single woman I have to add how lucky she is to have him during this difficult time. (Although I’m sure ‘lucky’ is not the right word.)

    I share your sadness. Thank you for posting about it.

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