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How it looks from the other side?

Rev. Lou Sheldon and Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition spammed me with a warning that the House is considering a bill that “begins to lay the legal framework to persecute and prosecute those who refuse, for moral and religious reasons, to agree or teach their children that certain unbiblical behaviors are normal and desirable.” A look at their flyer makes it clear that “unbiblical behaviors” means “being gay.” HR 1592 is a “serious threat to free speech and freedom of religion,” the email warns. The headline of the flyer takes it up several notches:

Pro-Homosexual/Drag Queen Hate Crimes Bill Will Move Quickly!
Begins to Lay the Legal Framework Whereby Bible-believing Pastors,
Business Owners and Individuals can be Persecuted and Prosecuted.”

“Ultimately, a pastor’s sermon concerning homosexuality could be considered an incitement to violence and punished with a fine or prison,” it concludes.

You can read HR 1592, “Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007.” It provides federal technical, forensic, and prosecutorial assistance to local authorities when it comes to hate crimes. Does it extend hate crimes to include pastors condemning gay marriage? Nah. It says anyone who “willfully causes bodily injury to any person or, through the use of fire, a firearm, or an explosive or incendiary device, attempts to cause bodily injury to any person, because of the actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability of any person” can be sentenced to up to ten years, or more if the victim dies.

It makes me wonder: Am I this wrong about the things that I care about this strongly?

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  1. Bertrand Russell once was asked whether he was willing to die for his beliefs.

    His answer? “Of course not. After all, I may be wrong.”

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