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JK Rowling’s next book after Harry Potter

Now that she’s finished the Harry Potter series, JK Rowling is probably wondering what to write next. With all modesty, I have an idea: She should answer her email.

I’m not kidding. Rowling’s been good about fan fiction, apparently, happy that her fans are so enthusiastic. That’s a welcome break from the brand mentality authors are encouraged to adopt by the life+70 copyright term. So, with those billion dollars in royalties in her back pocket (personally, I’d have it changed into one $500M bill and five $100,000,000’s) she could spend a few years on the Web, engaging with young readers and writers in every forum and format that she’s comfortable with.

That’d be some real magic. [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “JK Rowling’s next book after Harry Potter”

  1. That’s a great idea….except….

    A lot of fan fiction seems to work better *because* it is slightly illicit. Too much support from the author seems to deaden the buzz a little.

    I wonder if having the Author schlopping her opinions round on fanfic sites might inhibit more than it helps? Perhaps she should do it incognito?

  2. Good point. And you’re right that it would take an extraordinary amount of sensitivity and willingness to hold back on JKR’s part. But don’t you think a note from her that said, “I loved the way you have Harry being embarrassed by his powers” or “Turning HP into a frog really opened up some creative possibilities!” would be greeted warmly by the fan fiction authors? Comments like “How dare you give my Harry Potter pimples!” would certainly have a chilling effect. (As for the explicit sex stuff, I imagine JKR would want to stay out of that entirely.)

    Btw, I’m not suggesting that she confine herself to fanfic sites.

  3. Have you spent any time at Mugglenet or Leaky, or for that matter on JKR’s own site? She’s been doing a lot of what you describe for some time, even with books still to write. As for whether some kinds of fanfic would be out of bounds, one word: shippers.

  4. Not that JKR wouldn’t be a great writing coach and teacher, but is that the best use of her enormous creative talent? Isn’t there truth in the adage “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach”?

    If she is inspired to create more fiction, I for one hope that she will use her time and energy for that. And as Phil noted, she has already demonstrated a remarkable ability to multitask — write, respond to fans on web sites, rear small children, and support worthy causes. She seems to do all things well, but her greatest gift to the reading public is the imaginary world she created, IMHO.

  5. BALLS

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