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Web of Ideas tonight, Open Source Radio tomorrow

1. Tonight at 6pm at the Berkman Center, I’m leading an open discussion about civility, codes of conduct, and the price of making rules explicit. We serve pizza. You’re invited! [map]

2. Tomorrow night at 7pm I’m the guest on Chris Lydon’s Radio Open Source, talking about Everything Is Miscellaneous. It’ll also be available as a podcast, of course, because that’s what the estimable Radio Open Source does. [Tags: ]

5 Responses to “Web of Ideas tonight, Open Source Radio tomorrow”


    If I were to show up, could I have anchovies? Chianti?

  2. Yes, you may consume all the anchovies and chianti you care to bring with you. You don’t even have to share the anchovies.

  3. honestly, how many slices per capita? I’ll need at least half-a-dozen to make the trip worthwhile, as talk is unproductive for me. Perhaps, I’ll put my ‘chovies on ’em, ‘un by ‘un, at my own procedural pace, uh? –unless I suck down way too much chianti beforehand, and lose my hodos.

    A dry soul is wisest and best (before noon) [sic-lost frag.?]

  4. more to add in light of the discussion…

    I liked this bit on Civility

  5. I would posit that the discussion diverged rather quickly away from what you posted here as the topic. While interesting, I felt that limiting the bounds of consideration to the ‘cyberbullying’ context was rather constrictive. Perhaps a revisit to this topic sometime, but without the bulling reference?

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