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XXClone: Software that works

My boot drive was 99% full so, I got myself a shiny new hard drive. My experience with Windows is that whenever you swap a drive, either the old or the new one dies, making the experience as painful as possible. But this time I used XXClone, a free program that clones disks. It also lets you set the new disk as your boot device (although you also need to set that in your BIOS) and swaps the drive letters so your new disk can be, for example, Drive C. For $40/year/computer, you can get the pro version that does incremental backup and can do unattended operations.

It took it something under 2 hours to clone a 120G disk. When it was done, my computer booted right up. I am having some little problems — Google Desktop can’t get a connection to localhost — but I doubt they are XXClone’s fault.

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  1. When I’ve had to do this, I’ve had the best success with a Knoppix CD, the DDRescue command and Qparted. All free. Doing this over a USB connection is horribly slow so the trick is to put both drives into a desktop PC.

  2. I have read quite a few “it doesn’t work” reports, but it worked first time for me. I used it to upgrade my C drive from 80 to 160 GB (I took the 160GB out of a scrap video recorder).

    The only downside was the 6GB per hour transfer rate, 10 hours for a 75% full 80 GB drive. This did give me time to read the help file, so maybe some people fail to run the “cool tools” to make it bootable.

    The great advantage it has over the other cloner I tried – Macrium Reflect – is that it doesn’t convert the target drive into an exact clone (same size, etc). I had to resort to low level formatting to undo the results of using Reflect.

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