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Ironic software

Adobe Acrobat 7 is refusing to uninstall. So, following advice on a discussion board, I downloaded the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp, which is designed to remove the Windows installer configuration information about selected products that may be confusing the uninstall process.

When I try to install the the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp, I get the following messages (click on them to see them full size).

windows uninstaller can't uninstall the previous version of Windows Uninstaller

Oh ho ho ho. I laugh, knowing that I’m about to lose another hour of my life. O ho ho ho.

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PS: I gave up on trying to uninstall Adobe Acrobat. When I checked the registry, there were over 1,500 references to it. So, I instead installed a free PDF viewer from Foxit Software and associated PDF files with it. I’ve just played around with it a little bit, but so far it seems terrific. I even filled in an IRS form with it. (There’s a pay version also that has some extra spiffy features.)

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  1. Did you try “Unclean”, a badly named, but often effective uninstaller from PC Magazine? JV16 might get rid of it too.

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