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“If you love your information…”

Harvard Business Review has started posting its “Forethought” articles — the op-ed style columns at the beginning of the issue. That means the one of mine they published this month — If You Love Your Information, Set It Free — is available online. [Tags: ]

4 Responses to ““If you love your information…””

  1. This site is for the personal use of HBR subscribers. You may not provide account information, or other means of accessing this site, to non-subscribers. If you do, HBR can terminate your access to this site.

    I don’t speak legal-ese but if this last paragraph of the “HBR Online Terms and Conditions” were English it might be telling me that my non-subscribing attentions are not welcome. Or maybe they’re welcome as long as I freely admit to not being welcome. Or maybe my visit is one of those terms and conditions that don’t apply.

    I feel sorry for whoever provided me, a non-subscriber, with other means of accessing the site. The Brain Police know where you blog.

  2. Wray Cummings, your license to browse has been revoked.

    In the email msg the HBR person sent me saying that they’re now posting the front matter from the book, it was clear they’d like people to visit. I assume, therefore, that the warning you encountered is left over IP bullying. I’ll let them know.

    Sorry for the ugliness. Yikes.

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